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2010 World Series of Poker Presentado por Jack Link’s Beef Jerky.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  • caessarion 4 years ago

    go to full tilt obama will confiscate all your money and then jail you.

  • dneprovskiy 4 years ago

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  • xxyanlixx 4 years ago

    the game starts here 6:11

  • xxyanlixx 4 years ago

    norman chad and lon mceachern are the best match to commentate poker

  • nthekid88 4 years ago

    gud stuff i like dat….a man tryin 2 bluff a high flush and den gettin
    stung haha gotta luv it….man suited cards whether if der high r low can b

  • WTEIncognito 4 years ago

    Chong, lol cool name :)

  • HSimon1981 4 years ago

    11:23 Dolan has both a gutshot straight draw and a nut flush draw.

  • HSimon1981 4 years ago

    Jack on the river will result in a chopped pot.

  • Sukir Udin 4 years ago


  • Виталий Корнилов 4 years ago

    Please, someone tell me what the music play at 0:22?

  • Seldanas 4 years ago

    Bruce Buffer: Poker Michael Buffer: Wrestling

  • Paul Scott 4 years ago

    Never seen these commentators only heared them a million times. Look
    nothing like i expected.

  • noe ajja 4 years ago

    have you ever felt in banned

  • growandgame 4 years ago

    Jarvis’s glasses couldn’t be more Canadian

  • Antonio Rosić 4 years ago

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  • Maurício Pinheiro 4 years ago

    norman chad is mario bross

  • caessarion 4 years ago

    fucken FT closed down a year ago and they kept all the money!

  • Arty Lee 4 years ago

    That was harsh. I watched the live stream where cards aren’t shown and it
    looked like Cheong had nothing. It looked more like Javis had A 10. This
    highlight makes it look like a bad bluff against the nuts, but it wasn’t
    that obvious.

  • Nuchyz hsiz 4 years ago

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  • Moneymaker767 4 years ago

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