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  • Aunini 5 years ago

    59:39 Candio does not approve 😛

  • 9timesMUFC 5 years ago

    duhamel called mizrachi with A9…. mizrachi moved all in

  • Joe Hadeed Hadeed 5 years ago

    at 1:37 Mizrachi calls Dumahel all in with a pair of 3’s.. what was he
    thinking, he gave him chips to win it all.

  • Zhen Wang 5 years ago

    the best final table ever

  • john smith 5 years ago

    26:00 what a shitty call. WTF was he thinking?! it was so obvious he had
    pocket aces even a blind man could see that!

  • Matthew Tindiglia 5 years ago

    What time is it at?

  • hamilton ah 5 years ago

    this had to be the biggest event to watch live..crazy thx for ul

  • john smith 5 years ago

    34:50 as cold a deck as it gets. sooo sick.

  • Mark LaManna 5 years ago

    Doesn’t anyone want to see a flop? It’s not like they’re all shortstacked.
    These guys are playing for 9 Million dollars and are content to just flip a
    coin every hand hahahaha.

  • zaircool 5 years ago

    Amazing hand changes great game

  • sephizinho 5 years ago

    holy fuck that 0:57 hand was insane

  • kwackfish 5 years ago

    what’s name of the song used when matt jarvis explains his father’s cancer

  • fawad ali 5 years ago

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