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  • Edélzio Zaroio 5 years ago

    10k subscribers yeah!!

  • That happened at the 28 minute mark too. It was about 120m to 90m in favor
    of Staszko and when they came back it was about the same chip count but in
    favor of Heinz.

  • zorekiller 5 years ago

    ita bit shit that at the 50 minute mark Heinz has 40mil and then 51 minute
    he has 79mil and they say “due to time restarints” jumped forward !!! must
    have been a BIG hand somewhere in there !!! shit editing by them. But
    Thanks WeLovePokerGame for the “ups” loving your channel .Cheers from

  • Senhor dos Games 5 years ago

    Brazil loves poker also

  • NXTCAPADE TRAVEL 5 years ago

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  • David Ryanson 5 years ago

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  • Jarda Karlik 5 years ago

    Naprosto luxusni hra! Max respekt to Martin Stazko

  • Yongle Cao 5 years ago