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  • deniz egalovic 4 years ago

    nice played

  • Special S 4 years ago

    That jackass antonio always got lucky! He always has premium hand

  • jackwill02 4 years ago

    Yup, luck made him shift his chips and bluff out half his stack with A8os
    on a 4 spade board.

  • andrea nebuloni 4 years ago

    lol sick river!

  • Ferhan Mahmood 4 years ago

    ya fuck off!

  • danieldouds 4 years ago


  • takahirosanndesu 4 years ago

    Probably would’ve considered for the river call by Rast on the big hand
    with quads of Trickett…

  • vikas1610 4 years ago

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  • Diego Avilez 4 years ago

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