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World Series of Poker 2012 The Big One (LIVE) 2/2.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  • tuncay kas 4 years ago

    porkır the

  • Kyle Gardner 4 years ago

    I agree hellmuth is the best tournament player. He is not very lucky tho
    and he is a dick!

  • elhanan rahamim 4 years ago

    וואו משחק כזה הרבה זמן לא ראיתי דווקה רציתי שסם יזכה אבל מקום שני עם עשר
    וחצי מליון דולר זה די מכובד…..

  • ilovebowling11 4 years ago

    the win couldnt of come for a better person

  • Rekopaa 4 years ago

    1:37:44 nipple pinch out of nowhere.

  • uguysarefried 4 years ago

    olivier is such a fag

  • HQMazzive 4 years ago

    The bracelet looks shit

  • belialLiar 4 years ago

    tricket is a lucky cunt

  • DeniroPacinoDeppJoaq 4 years ago

    Hellmuth is the greatest tournament player in the world. Winner of the
    WSOPE main event 2012

  • HQMazzive 4 years ago

    Try ecstacy

  • Miladin Mikibrahh 4 years ago

    i want to feel wat he felt wen he won!!

  • Emanuel Testo 4 years ago

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  • freedraco 4 years ago

    wow what a cooler lol we all been there Rast

  • xino333 4 years ago

    “it´s called clear intention”

  • SeriousTreebornFrog 4 years ago

    Rast played really well. It sucks he had to go so early. GJ to Phil for
    making it that far with all those shitty hands. I’m glad Antonio won. It
    was awesome watching everyone cheer for him at the end.

  • zebramonkey64 4 years ago

    He proberly only gave bracelet to his dad because the bracelet was ugly as

  • xxxxl2009 4 years ago

    thanks for the uploads giving his braclet to his dad was a wonderfull thing
    to do.

  • freedraco 4 years ago

    18 million oh man that is so sick!!! im jealous -.-“

  • Mehjabin maria 4 years ago

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  • Special S 4 years ago

    Atonio suck, he always get lucky in any situation

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  • Rakshit Mittal 4 years ago

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  • Delija Sever 4 years ago

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