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A montage of great poker moments is the new intro for the espn show. The background song is: Best day of my life from the American Authors. Link for the song…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  • onlyweatherlol93 5 years ago

    “biggest day of my life”, love that last line from johnny chan. Sums it all
    up perfectly 

  • freedraco 5 years ago

    Awesome intro. 

  • GalaxyTrigger82 5 years ago

    +SparkSteveo gregy merson facing off with chip reese was pretty bomb also.

  • Buk Lau 5 years ago


  • Alverto Cabrera 5 years ago

    I´ve been searching for the song afterwards this one just like “Ilokuta”
    says……. it´s tricky to find and i haven´t got it yet

  • cdubz0005 5 years ago


  • Andrew Boot 5 years ago

    A great song makes a great intro!

  • Andrew Boot 5 years ago

    Young hellmuth looks funny

  • Ben Ostrow 5 years ago

    Who is in the video?

  • uscjustin 5 years ago

    This new wsop intro is the nuts. Absolute gold!

  • Breno Rodrigues 5 years ago

    You’re welcome 😉

  • Vappsen 5 years ago

    This intro is so godlike. One of the best I’ve ever seen. The song is so
    good and it is just perfect. Gives me goose bumps almost every time.

  • Will Almberg 5 years ago

    what if I want to use this as ring tone, what do I do then? ;P

  • llokuta 5 years ago

    I’m looking for the theme that starts immediately after this, the one that
    sounds “rock and roll” ish….not the stupid guitar rag one. (You can hear
    the first second of it at the very end of this clip). I’ve been looking for
    years and can never find it. Can someone help?

  • John Forgarty 5 years ago


  • SparkSteveo 5 years ago

    seeing neganeau and stu in one scene~ so sick

  • Trias805 5 years ago

    Google “youtube to mp3”

  • TheSiggytom 5 years ago

    Very classy. Respect the classics.

  • MattyD9696 5 years ago

    Must have seen this intro more than 100 times now, could watch it for a
    hundred more, brilliant!

  • Rui Costa 5 years ago

    American Authors – Best Day Of My Life

  • uscjustin 5 years ago

    This new wsop intro is the nuts. Absolute gold!

  • mattysowls 5 years ago

    im the same man really wanna know what it is