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Worl Series of Poker 2014 – Event 15 – 00 No-Limit Hold’em Six Handed – Final Table. VISIT WSOP 2014 PLAYLIST FOR MORE EVENT:…
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  • Sigurbjorn Marinoson 5 years ago

    comentator has moutheria.

  • joelgiles 5 years ago

    you´re talking so much BS… damn.. two pairs and he had 1… etc…

  • Charles Richardson 5 years ago

    that man played great he guys calling this are clowns that kid got hit by
    the deck

  • Joseph Zhou 5 years ago

    John, fucking you, you make us so painful watch this game, when can you
    learn to shut off your mouth?

  • cmentd 5 years ago

    how does vayo not shove the flop or turn at 51:xx with the 10?!!

  • iFeaRz72 5 years ago

    gg Davidi

  • Joseph Zhou 5 years ago

    commentor, can you just shut off your mouth, we are tired to heard your

  • John Pokers 5 years ago

    World Series of Poker 2014 – Event 15 – Final Table – Part 4 of 4

  • cmentd 5 years ago

    it sure is nice to get hit by the deck