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World Series of Poker 2014 Main Event – Episode 3 – WSOP 2014 Share, Follow and Subscribe:
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  • Mentalist4747 4 years ago

    The amateur got under Keranen´s skin! good job there. 

  • Blunted Corleone 4 years ago

    Would it kill Keranen to have a little bit of social diplomacy? Instead of
    just asking Rystadt if he could keep it down for a little while he gets all
    pent up and starts acting like a total fucking douche.
    If I was Rystadt i’d throw Kryanen a dollar and tell him to go call someone
    who gives a shit about his sand encrusted vagina.

  • Farsta Beach Production 4 years ago

    40:58- Ohhhh my fuckingggggg god!!!!!! This is poker

  • Trey Martin 4 years ago

    lmao great episode. Keranen and Rystadt mix like oil and water. Keranen
    seems like the kind of guy who takes everything too seriously, and sees
    every light humored joke as a personal attack. Rystadt just wants to talk
    and doesn’t know where to stop.

    Losing that final hand after all that build up must have destroyed him
    mentally. That’s why it’s best to take it in stride and not pick fights at
    the table, it’s just setting yourself up for hurt.

  • Farsta Beach Production 4 years ago

    36:19- better than hollywood comedy movie

  • H2P73 4 years ago

    Keranen calls himself a pro and he cant even ignore this Rystadt guy?? Well
    done Rystadt for getting to Keranen.

  • greg bath 4 years ago

    Thanks so much was waiting all day for this, your the best! Are you
    uploading ep4 tonight?

  • robert lamotta 4 years ago

    Kerenen all in when he made the flush against Coats was bad. Where is the

  • moon eulogy 4 years ago

    this dude newhouse has been doin too much crack

  • Ashley Tunley 4 years ago

    2014….full HD available, looks like its been recorded with a coaster. 

  • Raskolnikov32 4 years ago

    This is why they should film two feature tables.
    Not since 2005 have I seen an episode of poker that focuses almost entirely
    on a table full of asinine dullards who play the game like they’ve each got
    a ‘Best Winning Hand’ sheet on their laps.

  • Thecramps1982 4 years ago

    I’ve played with people like Rystadt. When you’re on a table for 6+ hours,
    i would also tell him to shut the fuck up.

  • MrHydrium 4 years ago

    Keranen is a hero, I’ve sat with guys like that. They literally will not
    shut up for hours.

  • craig hale 4 years ago

    keranens going to run deep so’s that Kunts lady.

  • Evilbible 4 years ago

    Keranen comes off as a huge asshole in this

  • nilbog44 4 years ago

    I hate that keranen guy a lot

  • Soren Lundgren 4 years ago

    Curtis says it himself – he is trying to put players on tilt. And when he
    gets Keranen on the hook, he loves it. So he goes on… Does he cross the
    line? In my opinion, No! If he did, someone would call the floor. Easy.
    Keranen obviously goes on tilt, and start whining back. Is he a dick
    because of that? I dont know, but its interesting to hear that he says in
    the interview (in the beginning of the episode) that he is super calm and
    have full Control out there… Oh yes, he did :)
    The AA hand is just a lucky bingo for ESPN, and of course us Viewers.
    A very entertaining episode :)

    (And: Put yourself in the dealers seat and look at all comments in this
    thread. Those that are annoyed by Curtis would MOST LIKELY go on tilt
    themselves, like Keranen did. Do i like Curtis? No, i might have been on
    tilt myself, sitting as a chippie at Main Event. But he does his thing, and
    does it good. Credits for that. )

  • Maxim Lekov 4 years ago

    well played margolin you donk

  • David George 4 years ago

    All I can say is yes, people can say all they want to try and get to
    someone, but there is a line. Plus they usually get busted as he did so
    that’s the feel the only thing he said that made him look
    more like a goof was when he got lucky with his Q4 and after the hand
    slammed it like he owned the aces like it was because of his play he won
    that pot. But the bust out looked good on him.

  • Thad Ray 4 years ago

    Rystadt is disrespectful and shows poor poker etiquette. Admittedly Keranen
    didn’t handle it very well, but that’s a pretty high pressure/high stress
    situation. Talking trash and tilting somebody might be part of Rystadt’s
    game, but a lot of people (myself included) don’t consider it part of THE
    game. I can see how it can get frustrating in a tournament, where one
    mistake could end the run, but if I could sit in a cash game with a guy who
    played that poorly, he can say whatever he wants, and I’ll smile the whole
    time I’m taking down pots and stacking his chips.

  • Badge Man 4 years ago

    fuck off Norman Chad!

  • Antonio Santos 4 years ago

    Bruno Politano is amazing….

  • speebyda 4 years ago

    Stuart really fucked up by telling people a dialect of English is wrong.
    That’s the thing about language, we can have one language but many ways of
    speaking it. I’m Australian and I’ve been to England. It’s a small country,
    but so many different accents and uses. Seriously, you drive any direction
    for 2 hours and the accents are different. 

  • guwop guwopper 4 years ago

    lol this rystack guy is funny as hell

  • Dale Stratton 4 years ago

    Keranen is not the asshole here. Rystat is talking while players are in
    big pots and he won’t shut up. Alot of people would blow up their stack.
    While Keranen is talking back to him he stays on his game and busts
    Rystat. Rystat was just flappin his gums and Keranen let his play do the
    talking. That’s not being an asshole……That’s being a good poker