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2014 World Series of Poker – Main Event – Episode 5 HD Please, like the video or write a comment and subscribe my channel. Episode 6: …

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  • CORNISHDUDE 4 years ago

    Yayyyyyyyyy thanks so much 

  • raed9911 4 years ago

    as expected from you ,,, 1st channel to upload the episodes in HD … Thank
    You so much :)

  • Jeff Loe 4 years ago

    Thank you so much for the HD upload! Much appreciated.

  • aminosama2 4 years ago

    one thing i’ve learnt is American players are not made for TV. compare
    these dudes to the ept pros. way too much class missing.

  • Miss HO

  • blackwiza24 4 years ago

    the hand between Ruberto and Benger was insane

  • Raskolnikov32 4 years ago

    It saddens me to say, but after many years of watching this show, I can’t
    watch it a moment more. There’s a thousand reasons why,but their
    irresponsible and appalling depiction of Colman is the main one.

    The straw that broke the camel’s back was this episode though.
    Throughout all the episodes of this season they have shoehorned Mario Ho in
    there. We get it, you are trying her out as a possible pro. She’s
    playing a wise-cracking, borderline arrogant, Daniel Negreanu-lite. I can
    imagine the conversation: “Here, darling, you like being on the telly don’t
    you. You’re desperate to be a media whore, right? Well, we’ll give you some
    extra air-time if you come on the show and tow-the-party-line on the Colman
    affair and any other issue we may have. You suck our ass, we’ll promote

    She’s ruthless when she calls a short stack’s all in with pocket kings and
    pocket queens! Ruthless! FFS. Yeah, we are wise to your game, Lon and Norm:
    Give us paper heroes because the real ones have no respect for you or your
    shit show.

    Never again.

  • aminosama2 4 years ago

    idk about check folding 99 on K58 vs a super aggro player. also the
    Canadian is a fish, calling JTo from sb, and his table talk. 

  • Gaizka Robles 4 years ago

    Znks for the video go Andoni!!

  • Mark Sprinkle 4 years ago

    The chip riffling… how is it possible that you can find multiple people
    at every $1/2 table at the Bellagio who could easily do more than these

  • John Smithen son 4 years ago

    hahaha that situation imitation at the begiing was the best lol

  • Marvin P 4 years ago

    thnaks for upload keeo it goign

  • SanshoTheBailiff 4 years ago

    Maria Ho looks a bit like the Scream mask.

  • elwhyify 4 years ago

    Thanks PF

  • foramuricy 4 years ago

    43:36 dealer wow

  • nathan elseman 4 years ago

    when is the zipline taking place norman?

  • rtsang17 4 years ago

    43:56 wow that is a sick false tell by Dan Smith

  • nikali4 4 years ago

    Brian Roberts is just a hipster piece of shit… cashing in the main event
    is too mainstream… fuck off

  • sportzman14 4 years ago

    2 months 2 million guy is in this

  • XxKNightROxX 4 years ago

    Seriously? He’s bragging about being the best awper in CS 1.6, come to CSGO
    and lets see them awping skills. You can’t just jump and headshot someone
    in CSGO like in CS 1.6 or source

  • Poker Funny 4 years ago

    World Series of Poker 2014 – Main Event – Episode 5 WSOP HD