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Hey Everyone I’m Back, And I Brought Goodies With Me! My MTT Strategy Guide – E-wallet Optimizer: https://www.ewallet-optimizer…
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  • Gripsed 5 years ago

    Welcome back! My story from the 2014 WSOP Main Event, progress on my goals
    for the year and the announcement of the new Team Gripsed Summer League
    (launching this week!).

    YouTube videos coming again soon!

  • Gripsed 5 years ago

    Audio Unsync!

  • clare344 5 years ago

    If Evan Jarvis was really a good poker player he wouldn’t be trying too
    slide in and profit from reviewing others success, why do we never hear of
    his success is it because the game of poker has too much variance over the
    long run and some years are less luxurious than others do you guys really
    think he cares about his community or is he just a a fish feeding from
    weaker fish, with all this (Gripsed Tournaments, Gripsed Fanpage, Gripsed
    Store) crap he tries too shove down your throat, wake up and and smell the

  • Blake Moore 5 years ago

    Just got that MTT Strategy guide. Thanks for compiling such a clear, easy
    to understand strategy guide Evan. All you people out there get the MTT
    guide or no stackn for u. Evans given us years of free wisdom and this is
    the 1st paid service he’s offered. Even if you don’t need it hook a brotha
    up! You owe him atleast a measly $8 for the hundreds if not thousands hes
    made you. Think about it.

  • rics700 5 years ago

    Hey, Evan do you know Elliot Hulse? He’s also lives by the motto “Be the
    strongest version of yourself” I think you should check him out just a
    overall great life coach I would recommend you to watch “Bio-energetic
    exercises” from his strengthcamp channel, great way to feel more energetic
    and getting focus for those long sessions!

  • Laura Turner 5 years ago

    Hi Evan, Nice to see you back…I was just curious, what is your jam packed
    breakfast that you eat, and what sort of diet do you generally follow?

  • Caio Fontes 5 years ago

    How long till you release your second book?

  • djcase00 5 years ago

    How long have you been playing poker gripsed? Do you think you would be as
    successful as youre right now if you were doing it along with a 9-5 job?

  • FlyeRMcFLY 5 years ago

    Where does Gripsed live ? And can you play online poker there ?

  • irican0710 5 years ago

    But Evan! I haven’t got the 1st book yet:( ordered June 26th:.(

  • billy willy 5 years ago

    well done m8.
    I like your positivity. You’re probably tilt proof ;)

  • evan kardon 5 years ago

    Was Greg backed for the One Drop? His net worth isn’t high enough to buy in
    himself is it? (practicing proper bankroll management that is)

  • Mardy Bum 5 years ago

    When you said you will be playing in the Seminole Hard Rock Open in Florida
    is that in Tampa or Hollywood? 

  • Zechariah Gaudet 5 years ago

    Glad to have you back!

  • progrocker69 5 years ago

    So…how do you participate in any of this if you live in the US? =(

  • eric wilson 5 years ago

    shameless to expect people to sign up to 4 different sites to compete in
    your freeroll bullshit, gratz on your 15k summer LOL and that story about
    the girl made me cringe but yeah, good luck tryin to make money off of your
    e-wallet bullshit

  • ChanCeNecK 5 years ago

    Is it a side effect of the higher quality or the length of the video that
    the sound is not quite synced to your lips or is it just a problem I
    experience? Otherwise, glad to have you back, I was secretly guessing that
    you went to the WSOP and hoping for a huge success.

  • rob byrge 5 years ago

    cool tune where can I download this JAM!!!!!!

  • Unflushablepiss 5 years ago

    Welcome back Professor, been missing my daily dosage of GRIPSED videos~~

  • Ivan Stefanov 5 years ago

    Yo, Evan! Thank you for the great video again! I want to say so many things
    that if I miss something I am sorry! But! That video is awesome and very
    motivational.. I love it! I love the ideas that youre talking about, like
    the goals the site the free money competion and its not about the money at
    all. Its about playing with the gripsters and having a great experience on
    the field.. :) That vid also reminds me how long spiny and tight is the way
    that I must pass through but I am ready for it and I am going for it!
    Thanks to you! Also I want to thank about motivating me every time I am
    watching your videos or reading your articles! I am waiting for the books
    also! Sure that they will be great as everything youre doing! Keep stackin
    man! I am going to get stackin too! Good luck and have fun all yo
    gripsters! :)

  • Rob Nufc 5 years ago

    8 years! How old are you Evan? You look young.

  • kickalion 5 years ago

    the deeper in the vid the more delayed it is :(

  • Kisstafer Moses 5 years ago

    thai massage..? Happy ending?

  • Shannon Jack 5 years ago

    i thought they would both have AK probably the case. good story ladies
    hold. good run bro