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  • eleven38 4 years ago

    a russian who bluffs. wow there a surprise NOT.. every comi i have played
    bluffs like crazy

  • Andrew Chau 4 years ago

    long match and long hand shake

  • Dimuthu Dissanayake 4 years ago

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  • JoelCharron1991 4 years ago

    just look at how tired the crowd is lol… i cant even imagine how crazy
    the two players are going lol

  • qazwsxoi 4 years ago

    yessssssssssssss!! Im so happy John won that was awesome!!

  • Muchodelcrazy 4 years ago

    If you don’t bluff you’re not playing poker, eleven.

  • ben zheng 4 years ago

    No one can beat Juanda with trips.

  • Luke Crooks 4 years ago

    And I suppose all the Russians you have played has come in second place in
    a WS tournament?

  • Dan Davis 4 years ago

    Hes a polite guy from what i seen.

  • Godman-in-training 4 years ago

    america’s john juanda? he’s Indonesian!

  • Muchodelcrazy 4 years ago

    I’d love to see more hands at this final table. Looks like a brutal match.

  • AussiePoker King 4 years ago

    wow, why would you bother playing in the wsop if when u get to heads up u
    just throw ur chips in cus ur tired? order a freakin red bull and play
    pussy!!! i know he’s real rich and stuff but jeez

  • niclondon 4 years ago

    With the money already earned, they should at least hand out speedballs or
    a mirror, razor blade and straw. Alokin looks like he was railing for days.
    LMAO. I`d do a line with Juanda… imagine how much more his eyes would pop
    out of his head. Actually he is from Southeast Asia, he probably smokes
    opium all the time. I remember a buddy of mine mailed me some opium
    (unprocessed) from Thailand and it made it to my house in canada! Put it in
    a a valentine`s day card.. NOOOO worries.. LOL……. LOL

  • Artoo64 4 years ago

    By the way, if Alekhin is tired, getting it in at 38% could actually be a
    good play. If Alekhin believes he has less than a 38% chance of winning by
    trying to outplay Juanda, just trying to get it in on a flush draw at 38%
    is a much better play.

  • fredio7 4 years ago

    thanks for putting these up!

  • Xbboy92X 4 years ago

    That guys head is really shinny. Lol

  • rrrto2005 4 years ago

    YES!!! john juanda is my favorite poker player

  • NegreanuDan84 4 years ago

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  • martynharvey 4 years ago

    thank’s for these, watched them all on tv but missed the final table,
    playing poker!

  • vnneh 4 years ago

    9hours headsup? ID BE DEAD LOL

  • Fucking “Related Videos”…JOHN JUANDA 2008 WSOPE Main Event Winner…2nd
    from the top. YouTube needs to have a spoiler filter or something. So

  • Bader Mubarak 4 years ago

    lol donkey allin on a draw

  • Pa1ntballGuitarist 4 years ago

    9 hours? holy shit.

  • Homer Faraj 4 years ago

    am glad juanda won this bracelet