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Main Event Day 1 – Matusow and Romanello call bb (100), Gellar raise to 600, both call, flop all check, turn all check.

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  • MegaRobertino88 5 years ago

    wuaooooooo !!!!!!!!!

  • MrJoao17soares 5 years ago

    ahahah matusow really mad xDDDD

  • CMin777 5 years ago

    Geller might have gotten a call if he didn’t change his mind and say he’d
    show. Many players would call with such a good hand out of curiosity of
    seeing what the other player had. By saying he’ll show his hand, Romanello
    can fold knowing he will find out if it was a good fold or not. By saying
    he won’t show his hand, Romanello is more likely to call since he knows
    that if he folds, he will be haunted with never knowing if it was the right
    lay down. Geller made a horrible mistake.

  • poyabideogeim 5 years ago

    Let’s see if it’s a good or a bad fold: Once they are in the river, the
    only hands with decent to good value are AA, KK, TT, Qx, and maybe some
    bluff catchers like Ax. Once he raises the only hands he can have are AA,
    KK, TT, and bluffs. He shouldn’t have Qx since raising there would be
    stupid, you only get called by the same or better hands. Since he says
    “Please don’t raise me” and he doesn’t look like a very good player, bluffs
    are very unlikely. It’s a good fold, if you don’t think so, learn

  • evilpiggehz 5 years ago

    u retarded?

  • Dimitrios Dedes. 5 years ago

    Actually find ONE man, ONE, who can fold this hand…..really this is

  • Cheekalob 5 years ago

    Watch this video again, michaelevans1984, and listen when Mike says
    “There’s 72 million idiots out there”. You’re one of those 72 million.

  • DoubleTapRootBeer 5 years ago

    are there even grocery stores near monastaries?

  • Jason Liu 5 years ago

    correction 2 spades… in terms of equity, Romanello has to bet the flop…
    I’m sure if you ran this in pokerstove against possible hand ranges, the
    flop check was horrendous. He can make great river folds all tournament but
    if he’s checking these flops, i’d be questioning what he was thinking when
    he made the fold…

  • gaboignacio 5 years ago

    And that is why it is an incredible fold, guy read the hand and the player,
    and didnt play like a programmed machine. Most of the time he is actually
    calling this.

  • Noble Nihilist 5 years ago

    this is the sickest video on the internet.

  • MissKateUK2 5 years ago

    @johny1479 Deark Mike Matusow, now there’s seventy two million and one
    idiots – meet johny1479

  • jmverhalle 5 years ago

    that fold was so good, shit started appearing from his head

  • Anonomousxxx 5 years ago

    not 6 times the big blind

  • Metallicaman1989 5 years ago

    agreed sir agreed. Figures its a top notch pro that truely appreciates it
    at that table

  • litonfire1 5 years ago

    If I were dictator of Earth, I would bet the Earth on those 3 jacks

  • Yerrakhunt 5 years ago

    Where can i watch the full hand?

  • Gonzalo Arroyo 5 years ago

    like a boss

  • Ano äikäs 5 years ago

    Planters Good Instinct Moment.

  • icythrone 5 years ago

    Thank goodness Mike Matusow was there to give it the reaction it deserved.

  • Eldomina22 5 years ago

    @johny1479 lol what a dick, stfu

  • Ashraful Adib 5 years ago

    If Geller didnt say that he would show his hand .. i think Romanello may
    have called the river..Since fullhouse is a big was a big over bet
    on the river that’s why he had a feeling his hand was beaten..but indeed
    was a great laydown :)

  • MissKateUK2 5 years ago

    @TehAlex2310 here /watch?v=qtcac6EoeFA

  • Anonomousxxx 5 years ago

    and geller is a tellbox btw, that hollywood on the river. did ever play
    live poker at all?

  • Legenden Karim Leonardo Abbad 5 years ago

    @TheHarv17 easily*