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WSOP 2009 000 Final Table featuring Vitaly Lunkin, Isaac Haxton,Greg Raymer,Daniel Stern,Justin Bonomo,Alec Torelli, Lex Veldhuis,Noah Schwartz and Ted F…
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  • jonathan bell 4 years ago

    ty for posting, but the quality is horrid.

  • ImperviousMason 4 years ago

    lol raymer calling with A8 :p

  • wegotpoker money 4 years ago

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  • negrocapo 4 years ago

    shut ip fish

  • Yuzdepski 4 years ago

    how many seats do the raymers require on an airplane?

  • inostageh23 4 years ago

    quality sucks thanks for vid though

  • commodoreherring 4 years ago

    who can tell me? when does espn coverage of the main event start… and has
    anyone posted on youtube? cheers

  • sonia cuna 4 years ago

    wow how the fuck did lex veldhuis is in the final table he is a freaking

  • creepystranger007 4 years ago

    i love beef jerky too.

  • robertdiane80 4 years ago


  • Cristian Santana 4 years ago

    LOL texas hold’em is a poker game

  • 95tomlinsonlindsey95 4 years ago


  • shoesize44 4 years ago


  • walterwood19 4 years ago

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  • babybubu18 4 years ago


  • tunicaroja86 4 years ago

    Shitty definition I believe

  • freddyXDyeah 4 years ago

    wsop niguh 😀

  • judyrudman 4 years ago


  • SurvivingTheHorizon 4 years ago

    if you watch the video with the closed captioning on its hilarious. “I was
    to host Abbas on Thursday” lol

  • ayrebayre 4 years ago

    whats with this quality?????

  • Juan Carlos Plaza Angulo 4 years ago

    thanx 4 da vid dude

  • robertdiane80 4 years ago


  • michigrind23 4 years ago

    “thats the standard bracelet”… what a donkey…

  • neonstrike 4 years ago

    i really appreciate you uploading a video of this quality. My computer is
    really old and i can only view low quality vids. Wouldn’t be able to watch
    this without you man, props!

  • beverlybarrett56 4 years ago