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Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  • fearfatch 4 years ago

    “His name was Phil, something like that..” LMAO

  • NoTimeForKnives 4 years ago

    Please upload more full episodes.

  • sküll düggery 4 years ago

    @15:26- isn’t it nearly 3:1 to call?…not 4:1.

  • MrR1D3R 4 years ago

    Bond 18 is clue less . The Aussie does suck but he obviously turned his
    hand into a bluff. He was hoping for a fold

  • crockett616 4 years ago

    zomg, its kimberly lansing <3

  • david hoho 4 years ago

    omg how can u call paola martin a beauty ,she look like she snork too much

  • Richard Gardner 4 years ago

    thanx for the uploads

  • Sera S 4 years ago

    Not sure what that amateur player meant to achieve by showing the pros his
    hole cards. Seems like a dangerous move that can so easily backfire on you
    in a heartbeat. Even just a mediocre can figure out he has the nuts or damn
    close to it and if he actually was bluffing, why show it to players as good
    as the ones at that table?

    And then it does backfire on him just a few hands later as predicted…
    what a sucker.

  • SebsGames 4 years ago

    Is there a channel on rogers that I can view this on??

  • World Poker Tour 4 years ago
  • hmario1337 4 years ago


  • Benjamin Lebria 4 years ago

    lol. He folded middle set on that flop…

  • JorGe Adoumieh 4 years ago

    I ♥ POKER