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WPT Season 9 Episode 3 | Legends of Poker

Part 1 of Legends of Poker Want a slice of the action? Play poker and win a seat for the next tournament here: Like WPT on Facebook: …
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  • John Carney 4 years ago

    These guys ruined poker. Allin A 5? Re raise with 6 3 off?

  • shadowdawg04 4 years ago

    Franken-idiot hit runner runner for a flush and acts as if he has some
    great insight….really, what kind of insight does it take to just get
    lucky? Little has won this title and deserves some respect… your already
    a world class A-hole Franky!

  • Daniel Tan 4 years ago

    Old guy is so cute!