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  • Vinny H. 4 years ago

    Drugs are bad kids mmkay?

  • 1967ax 4 years ago

    Yes! Genius. The kid knew exactly what he was doing. Exactly. He had him
    on AJ for sure. If he lost the hand he’d win anyway Nobody beats him heads
    up. NOBODY. EVER.

  • TheCheeseburrrger 4 years ago

    Wow what a donk

  • john parks 4 years ago

    The kid is still my favorite poker player of all time. I just wish he were
    around today. Would love to see him take on phil ivey heads up.

  • Tommy Ireland 4 years ago

    R.I.P. stuey a great loss

  • HighRollerRadioTV 4 years ago

    Stu Ungar winning the 1997 main event, 16 years after his last WSOP
    title….legendary comeback, only to be found dead 18 months later, dead in
    a cheap Vegas motel room with 800 bucks in his pocket. Troubled genius.

  • TrashCanSchool 4 years ago

    @TrashCanSchool oh come on and google it…’One of A kind’…rated R
    basically for gamblers.

  • Jimmy Russell 4 years ago

    The movie sucked but the book One of a Kind was great. Stuey wasn’t ‘ahead
    of his time’. Stuey is the times. He had an eidetic memory and that’s what
    made him the best, it doesn’t matter if it’s 1980 or 2011, no one had the
    talent and brain power that stuey did, therefore no one can match his
    skills. The story of Stuey has shaped my life since I heard about him 10
    years ago.

  • theman1819 4 years ago

    @vanthiectu the game has changed but he would adapt he had total recall and
    was good at any card game

  • chinren707 4 years ago

    Ya pretty much

  • superwebnoob 4 years ago

    i need methhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  • IRISHONE646 4 years ago

    Is that gabe kaplan talkin with mike?

  • memyselfandeye3 4 years ago


  • flastatesoldier 4 years ago

    @vanthiectu He was the first STAG/LAG player; he literally invented the
    style of play! ALL prominent high and nb stakes play his style in spots!
    Bluff c/r airish boards, adjusted 3 betting, exploiting scare cards,
    multibarrel, etc, (too many to list) are all concepts that have tons of +
    EV over even the best live trained players, especially back then. He would
    balance well due 2 being so experienced. The only argument u have is drugs
    hurting him long term, he was an online thinker b4 online play

  • leopoldmozart 4 years ago

    After the flop, Stuey faced 28% win, 58% loss, 14% chop. The percentages
    are basically the same for A6 – A9. If Ungar was putting Strzemp on A2, A4,
    and A-Medium (even up to A10 or AJ) I think that’s the right bet for the
    chip leader to make to end the tournament right there. And, there’s no
    guarantee Strzemp has an A. After the 3 hit, Strzemp’s winning percentage
    went down to 41% and they had a 43% chance of chopping. Ungar got lucky to
    get his win, but it was a good play anyway.

  • OsamaBinLadenx 4 years ago

    Sexton? Thats gabe kaplan noob

  • NextLevelTingz 4 years ago

    yes it was

  • Loverpokeplayer 4 years ago

    no .

  • 1too3fore 4 years ago

    Everybody has their vices, but vices can’t take away a person’s
    accomplishments. You’re just jealous that you’ll never match his worst.

  • loomibiq 4 years ago

    Didn’t he snort all of his winnings

  • Jimmy Tu 4 years ago

    @TrashCanSchool I m totally agreeing! I apologize to disrespecting Stu and
    give him credit where credit is due. He was indeed the greatest of all
    time. He was years ahead of any player at his time. I feel like a total
    idiot for making that ignorant comment about Stu, please except my deepest
    apology. If he was alive today I humbly believed that he will be the most
    feared player and will destroy any pro player today. Ivey,dwan,gus,etc.
    Will not stand a chance to Stuey talent. RIP Stu Ungar…

  • TrashCanSchool 4 years ago

    @vanthiectu are you trying to say A ‘rag’/ Strezmps cards were better?!
    from Stu’s point..he had the Ace pair plus the wheel draw plus pairing his
    kicker…..I think ‘black magic’ picked the right side…A 6 to A 9 is
    basically playing an Ace as if you had only one card you were playing
    with..who could disagree?

  • sküll düggery 4 years ago

    please excuse gabey from teaching class so he can take up his poker career;
    signed, “epstein’s mother”.

  • memyselfandeye3 4 years ago

    Great hand by Stuey, and for those who think its a “lucky” hand in a
    negative sense that Stuey won, take a look at WSOP 1980, same hand, Stuey
    always knew what he was doing, LEGEND.

  • Daniel Menase 4 years ago

    Isn’t that a string raise by Stu?