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WSOP 2007 – Event#32 .000 Seven Card Stud Kommentator: Michael Körner.

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  • varshith varshi 5 years ago

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  • 18soy 5 years ago

    @Olekander actually queens is an strong enough hand, and he may thought
    Negreanu was just bluffing, a Flush is a hand that is hard to predict.

  • JorickHorn 5 years ago

    @Ronnuz Or maybe they’re only showing hands Negreanu plays? This show is
    edited. It’d be at least a day long if it weren’t.

  • Vyraj 5 years ago

    learn german?

  • superjeff14 5 years ago

    Hey guys, I am new to seven card stud and i have a question about the
    betting structure that i was hoping someone could answer. In the second
    hand played in the video there was a 12k bet and a raise to 24k. Are
    players aloud to re-raise in stud. Could the original bettor have re-raised
    to 36k?

  • superjeff14 5 years ago

    @dannymaclamp thanks

  • Olekander 5 years ago

    how can the other guy call all the way to the last card with just two

  • Olekander 5 years ago


  • xxxpistolpetexxx 5 years ago

    The german is pretty simple here.

  • Juanbarba 5 years ago

    Alan Boston wouldn’t fold this hand.

  • netolip 5 years ago

    are you retarded? he is clearly speaking german

  • 0Paperino0 5 years ago

    @Ronnuz I agree. He seems a 0.05-0.10 $ table player, they call with
    EVERYTHING, and they take the best hand on the 7th street always! Greetings
    from Italy!!!

  • UndercoverLdn 5 years ago

    Wow I knew nothing about 7card stud before this video but now I understand
    how it works, what a GREAT laydown, just had to call 12K to win a 146K pot
    but he folded