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  • Oblic008 4 years ago

    Anyone else having trouble watching this?

  • riniel17 4 years ago

    @ROYALPOKERAU I know what you mean. I mean, poker is, of course, more skill
    than luck. However, it’d be stupid to say there’s no such thing as luck.
    With all do respect to Ben Lamb, of course.

  • AshleySchafferBMW 4 years ago

    nice fastroll creep

  • MrUndead115 4 years ago

    @mcRYSHER: He got called by 66. That proves you wrong

  • adsy999 4 years ago

    Lon is getting old

  • 1Themuffinman1 4 years ago

    Claudia Crawford: I 5 bet him and If he has the nerve to 6 bet me then he
    wins the fucking pot!

  • serratop 4 years ago

    @udlock9 You are talking about one of the best poker players in the world

  • willdestroya 4 years ago

    WOW, what a call by ruthenberg !!

  • Gavin Bull 4 years ago

    the fact you want to punch his face for the way it looks doesnt make him
    arrogant you idiot

  • jackbauer27Psn 4 years ago

    @AshleySchafferBMW the fuck are you talking about?

  • KarstenJohns 4 years ago

    wow… Pius Heinz 6-bet was great !!! see 38:49

  • farneyb 4 years ago

    I really like that Ben Lamb kid I hope he goes far, fucking haters

  • lovee dovey 4 years ago

    you’re an idiot Vanessa is a class act and very sweet. Most grown men
    wouldve cursed and act like little bitches. She took it mighty fine actually

  • Steini Pétur 4 years ago

    Heinze is so crazy! 😀 he’s nuts with his chips

  • noholecard 4 years ago

    i just wanna punch heinzelmann lol

  • Arturo Sánchez 4 years ago

    isn’t raising to 250k after beeing raised at 130k an illegal play?
    shouldn’t bazeley raise at least to 260k?

  • Elevation119 4 years ago

    @ROYALPOKERAU Ofcourse if u got ur reads right u can still get unlucky, but
    poker is about skill more then it is about luck.

  • RoyMunsoned 4 years ago

    why is eli wearing a full tilt hat? this was played way after black friday
    and the full tilt shutdown. wtf

  • MrKylekriticos 4 years ago

    How do these scam free poker money offers get so many thumbs up?

  • Token825 4 years ago

    lamb looks like a serial killer

  • jaydubbayu 4 years ago

    claudia crawford picked a bad spot.

  • AshleySchafferBMW 4 years ago

    @jackbauer27Psn 28:25

  • BoobiesHooray 4 years ago

    my two favorite episodes of the WS, the one when that annoying twat Rousso
    gets knocked out (“whyeeeeeeee?””) and the one where the douchebag Bellande
    gets knocked out (“WHYEEEE?”)

  • KsideNapa2010 4 years ago

    a great Pot limit pogs player, but his parents wouldnt let him travel the
    pogs circuit.

  • Peter Cross 4 years ago

    Heinz looks like Justin Fucking Bieber.