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WSOP 2012 E06 – Main Event Day 3 World Series of Poker 2012.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  • John Griller 5 years ago

    The amount of bad plays, aside from the pros, in tournaments like this one
    is just astonishing! I mean, flatting with KK is just horrendus. Smh.

  • Phil Iron 5 years ago

    AQ suited with spades has done wonders for me, I wouldn’t play it off suit
    if someone raised me a ton but if I can get in cheap why not?

  • Dio Brando 5 years ago

    check-raise all-in of Esfandiari is awesome. The reraise of his contender
    erased the advantage of position but Esfandiari took the ultimate shot
    strong of his bigger stack. That’s a real pro one. No fear and pressure on
    ur opponent. Smooth.

  • BoobiesHooray2 5 years ago

    LOL typical South American donkey…..they are the new Russians….free

  • Lucas Cullen 5 years ago

    sif warny a pom

  • Tuber Youb 5 years ago

    i always knew maria was an HO

  • timfbmx 5 years ago


  • PenisPenisPenis 5 years ago

    Was a very good call, but A7os’s body language was somewhat of a giveaway.
    And I’m mainly talking his body language on the flop and turn.

  • Kervin Ebanks 5 years ago


  • Mike Comisso 5 years ago

    Storming Norman is the man! Met him in LV this year and he is super nice.
    He was walking around the Rio and chatting up all the spectators.

  • mateoosh01 5 years ago

    There must be someone in the world who can upload new episode for us. Plz
    plz do it!

  • Rafael Luís da Silva 5 years ago

    Although what danoso0931 said its true, you should not deslike AQ. It is a
    very stronghand and should always be played aggressively, unless you feel
    like somebody might have you dominated (Ex.: You raise with AQ from the
    Highjack pos., and a tight player re-raises you from the button).

  • rideandyland 5 years ago

    always used to finish it in one go but decided a couple of years ago to
    extend it thru to make the november nine.that way tv coverage and a chance
    to get mentored help and also to do publicity stuff for tv and
    magazines.they all get paid the equivilent of ninth place money after the
    main event and then the money gets added the further they go in november

  • sselliottt 5 years ago

    Antonio is such a boss at getting info out of players! Levy needed to stfu
    in that spot. When Antonio mentions flush, Levy goes quiet momentarily
    having been so confident previously, then when Antonio asks him why he has
    to call, Levy’s expression is so much more panicky that Antonio can just
    snap call. Sickkkk

  • william carry 5 years ago

    27:30 “Who gives a fuck”

  • Under2PAC 5 years ago

    patience? fuck off idiots Thaakillah did the exact same thing last year hes
    jst a fking turd

  • Joshua Ramirez 5 years ago

    im wearing a livestrong. go croak!!

  • Etoile25YT 5 years ago

    I hav episode 7-8 Already

  • Tuber Youb 5 years ago

    ben86 is good online

  • pmam1968 5 years ago

    18:41 – the caption has Shane Warne as British!

  • bildrwic3 5 years ago

    The other episodes?When will they be up to watch?

  • BebiiGirL123 5 years ago


  • McLovinlt 5 years ago

    wtf how can they put a GB flag next to Warne’s name?? He may partly live
    there but England cricket has never seen a player of that class.

  • Matt Roberts 5 years ago


  • danoso0931 5 years ago

    If you have AK, then you only fear 6 hands – the 3 possible AA and the 3
    possible KK. But if you have AQ, you actually fear 24 hands – the 3 AA, the
    3 QQ, the 6 possible KK, plus the 12 remaining possible combinations of AK.
    So you fear 4 times as many hands as with AK