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WSOP 2012 E08 – Main Event Day 3 World Series of Poker 2012.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  • Seaton1518 5 years ago

    what a douche dentale is.

  • MrLoesoe 5 years ago

    Van Tran my man hahahah amazing

  • TheDefiniteArticle 5 years ago

    Lol, you can’t get a 3-high straight. It can’t go ’round the clock’, so to

  • LikeAChinaman 5 years ago

    36:21 haha Van-Tran, my favorite player EVER!

  • saintjimmy456 5 years ago

    Kevin Pollack you are not funny and you are barely famous. You made one
    good movie 20 years ago and you were the worst one in it. x

  • Kelly Goerbig 5 years ago

    That’s poker. Besides, he was behind all the way up to 4th street, calling
    with a pair of deuces, he deserves that bad beat. Especially when he called
    it a “set up”.

  • rjohson 5 years ago

    WHY DID HE ONLY BET 11000 INTO A 37,000 POT? HE SHOULD OF BET 20,000

  • Jonny Elworthy 5 years ago

    Van ‘Chip over here’ Tran is my hero!!

  • Aleksei Andrianov 5 years ago

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  • DLYX5 5 years ago

    “tran rivered the nuts men” so funny

  • Izzy Guerrero 5 years ago

  • SurferEddie 5 years ago

    Their pelvises are against women… HIIIIIYYYYYOOOOO!!!!

  • TruckT1 5 years ago

    Dentale you f**king idiot, the flop call was simply pathetic.. stop

  • Bluart Stack 5 years ago

    dentale* whatever he’s a prick doesn’t matter

  • TruckT1 5 years ago


  • Jos Cosmosbos 5 years ago

    39:30 chip over here!

  • R088O 5 years ago

    He had the chips in his hands, and did the quick raise so fast, it’s so
    slack to complain about that, there was no way he was going to get a read
    off that quick of a raise. Then the other guy does a stupid call on the
    flop, deserved what he got.

  • Augitas able 5 years ago

    21:14 hahaha really what a horn 😀

  • Travis Darroch 5 years ago

    No I’m not. Calling a 4bet OOP with K8s is retarded. 4betting with 23os is
    retarded. calling a cbet in a 4b pot with Khigh and no draws is horrible.
    calling a bet otr with bottom pair is meh but overall the whole hand is

  • Mrkmotr 5 years ago

    haha the polar bears joke

  • kenlab77 5 years ago

    Dear WSOP, Please ban Kevin Pollak from the 2013 tournament. Thanks,

  • creativecomplexdj 5 years ago

    and he makes 20 accounts to give himself thumbs sad

  • coelloello 5 years ago

    21:11 Lol at the big guy with horns

  • rrrto2005 5 years ago


  • luubao nguyen 5 years ago

    Harrington all in with Q5o? And he writes books about it. Dang!!!!