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WSOP 2012 E09 -  Main Event Day 4 World Series of Poker 2012

WSOP 2012 E09 – Main Event Day 4 World Series of Poker 2012.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  • Kelan Britto 5 years ago

    I dont see why hollywooding is a bad thing, its all about deception i mean
    why not try fool your opponent for value with a strong hand, what a lil

  • Orpha Oglesby 5 years ago

    SERIOUSLY! Immediately after viewing this kind of We thought i would sign
    up from PokerStar in addition to I discovered the marketing code psp15562
    plus they matched up the 1st deposit

  • cory2433 5 years ago

    39:38 Lol Norman ” the great part for unknown players at this feature table
    is that they all can say they played with Johnny Chann, a life experience.
    Heck I once opened the door for Phil Helmuth even tho he never went through
    it i still remmeber it. lmao!!! Norman Chad the best commentary alive

  • LetMeSeeYourMiracle 5 years ago

    slots are more about skill that pocker. There is very year some MR.Nobody
    winning that tournament, and gettin famous for a while, and next year
    anyone random donk wins, ges contract with big online rigged room still te
    same, always wins other random donk

  • madafakkaa 5 years ago


  • MrGaMeZoNePS3 5 years ago


  • balooko31 5 years ago

    With around 700 players left, what are the odds that Johnny Chan, Erick
    “grifter” Lindgren and Vivek all end up on the same table? Sorry about your
    luck, 6 other players…

  • ognjen janevski 5 years ago

    I cant believe that bubble burst is on 666 number,666 players are geting
    money,its really weird!!!

  • Lucky Patrick 5 years ago

    wtf aj suit 2.5x fold?? lmaoamaoamaoam u cant wear that suit and play like

  • Francis Gatsby 5 years ago

    Show some respect, that’s not the way to show off you reads. If you know
    you are way behind, don’t bet the turn.

  • “You don’t have to hollywood, John, for that long…” awesome

  • Sarah L 5 years ago

    KK with 1 chip. More unlucky than anything haha.

  • beatthenoobs 5 years ago

    johnny chan is russian?seems legit.

  • Finfrodo 5 years ago

    Most overrated poker player imo is E-Dog.

  • BillWaite 5 years ago

    Because his opponent would have a full house if a king falls, and Lindgren
    would only have 3 of a kind. (9KK on the board, 99 in hand = 999KK for a
    full house)

  • tchekitout 5 years ago

    I’m waiting – I never said NEVER. BUT VERY RARELY – JUST LOOK AT THE MAIN

  • jimbo62178 5 years ago

    Rajkumar was just bitter they wouldn’t let him go skiing.

  • sselliottt 5 years ago

    Chan’s a fairly average player in comparison to many of today’s top players
    tbf. He hasn’t really progressed his game with the times.

  • Cuzza51 5 years ago

    pretty entertaining watching a massive guy doing karate.

  • Matthew Eastman 5 years ago

    At 45:16 it said she started Day 4 with 814,000 chips

  • H2Prince 5 years ago

    I called the Quad’s..I play KJ the same way. lol

  • artgld 5 years ago

    KK lost a AA QQ lost to AA AA lost to AK KK lost to 55. So much KK
    AA and every time loose who get all in. FAKE

  • Judd lato 5 years ago

    Cant stand selbst

  • Michael Smolik 5 years ago

    Erik is a dickhead. Vanessa is a man. Khayat is Sean Penn. The fat guy is
    gorgeous. Peltekci is the ugliest fuck ever. Rajkumar looks like that chick
    from House season 8.

  • C.W P 5 years ago

    Fulltilt Play money is back on November 6 2012. Donk Heaven is back!!!