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WSOP 2012 E10 – Main Event Day 4 World Series of Poker 2012.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  • difbufs 5 years ago

    At 18:00 Esfandiari says “I would like to call the 13, and I would like to
    raise it”. Back where I play, we do not allow string betting. And our
    environment is waaaay less formal than the WSOP. We are just a bunch of
    happy beginners playing for very low stakes and for fun…

  • difbufs 5 years ago

    At 30:55, why did the blur out Claudia Crawfords boobs? That’s fucking
    stupid… It’s not like she’s topless. 

  • Bobby Dillon 5 years ago

    Vanessa Selbst is so fucking smug and arrogant

  • MrErizid 5 years ago

    Juanda had trips…

  • Jean-Francois Roy 5 years ago

    thx cpt obv

  • MrCozzie28 5 years ago

    She pees standing up!!

  • Ricco Fonz 5 years ago

    That Vanessa looks like a guy….

  • Jack Ainsworth 5 years ago

    Vanessa looks not very feminine to be honest no Offense but longer Hair
    might help…

  • VIGKEN 5 years ago

    I knew vanessa was a dude, he got a girlfriend, ugly as fuck but still a

  • uto ftb 5 years ago

    im sick of seeing these fukin comments please get a life your not even
    replying to anyone u sad lonely bastard

  • jamie T 5 years ago

    whats the buy in for this tournament ?

  • Briek Van Wauwe 5 years ago

    Come on thaakillah ! I’ve watched every single video on youtube three
    times, I need these episodes man! I KNOW YOU CAN DO IT !!!!

  • wahhagoogoo 5 years ago

    aha try reading some books or something man it might do you good..

  • Kevin Krenger 5 years ago

    in the intro you see a guy with blue glasess in the chipps the best player
    for me h is caled stu ungar

  • balooko31 5 years ago

    Hey Joe Navarro, pretty sure the guy isn’t using his shirt as a “security
    blanket.” It’s to pull his shirt away from his chest to help hide the fact
    that he’s breathing so heavily. Normam’s right, hope you took a pay cut
    with your “genius” observations.

  • Jean-Francois Roy 5 years ago


  • Jack Ainsworth 5 years ago

    fair enough

  • Tuxster3 5 years ago

    Nah! You’re a cry baby!

  • hellonpluto 5 years ago

    please simulate your death

  • kingerror 5 years ago

    so esfandiari rebuild his stack from 1 (!!!) chip of 4000 (i think) to over
    100.000. shitty broadcasting didnt show any of this!

  • Tuxster3 5 years ago

    Yes, you are homophobic. If you think someone is a douche bag, then call
    him a douche bag. And, no, I don’t throw around the word “retard”, to mean
    stupid or anything else. What do you care who Danny Johnson is fucking – or
    sucking or fucking and sucking?

  • Jeremy R 5 years ago

    So you think he should be Wamboozled?

  • jrmenard630 5 years ago

    wow what an amazing sendoff Antonio gave to his competitors. He’s a nice
    guy and a true pro

  • Tuxster3 5 years ago

    How the fuck do you know?! Maybe he’s a sucking “faggot”! You homophobic

  • Tallaias 5 years ago

    norm always giving props to UMD