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WSOP 2012 E11 – Main Event Day 4 World Series of Poker 2012.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  • Daniel Hill 5 years ago

    Table master (the guy with the mic)

  • Un Aper 5 years ago

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  • TheDarthB 5 years ago

    it wasn’t an idiotic comment, it was actually quite mature

  • Ramiro1992 5 years ago

    very bad played for odell poor guy

  • JKT84 5 years ago

    I didn’t get what Norman Chad was saying about the “mid-manhattan
    skyscraper” but holy shit, Marafiotti looks and sounds EXACTLY like Toby
    McGuire at 3:31.

  • love2watchpoker 5 years ago

    Too bad they don’t give you multiple-choice questions live…. 😉

  • Kmagnus80 5 years ago

    Racism? How was it racism? Your a demogogue my firend. Have you ever played
    a poker tournement, disrespect to players or staff is not tolerated. Now
    maybe you disagree with him which is fine, but the floor man was within his
    rights, and Tran was out of line.

  • danoso0931 5 years ago

    She is one of the best players I’ve seen. She is an absolute monster and it
    would scare the hell out of me to sit at the same table as her. That being
    said, she acts like an arrogant bitch

  • Christoph Schaller 5 years ago

    Respect to “toby maguire”. Good fold

  • zanugh 5 years ago


  • Jack Ainsworth 5 years ago

    If you lift up your right eye brows and at the same time you lift down your
    left cheeks we normally associate this, that somebody has released a fart

  • PenisPenisPenis 5 years ago

    Paris is such an ugly faggot, and just seems like a total douchebag.

  • darky23 5 years ago

    suck shit to van tran… fucken asshole

  • snipper6613 5 years ago

    but he is a good player

  • Latabrine 5 years ago

    Who posts the blinds for Tran while he’s out ?? Just curious..

  • marighella000 5 years ago

    Cheong is a great player

  • Gintautas Simkus 5 years ago

    nah he just got carried away a little. If the ‘baller’ or whatever he’s
    called, hadn’t hurry him after 1s it’d went alright I believe. I can
    understand how he doesn’t want to be pushed around, people counting
    miliseconds on his actions. Should’ve let him recover from that previous
    release situation.

  • lockoshamface 5 years ago

    Hey FBI guy….notice….how ….your….not… the tournament

  • doluseb 5 years ago

    This is just funny…lol donkament players best in the world

  • Michael Smolik 5 years ago

    Van Tran is a mother fucking asshole.

  • RaddyKnockout 5 years ago


  • diecopyright 5 years ago

    Let’s face it… that guy with the suit was “brave” because it was Tran,
    but if he were in front of Helmuth, he’d sure wet his pants at a single

  • BobbeBVB 5 years ago

    ich lach mich schlapp du Nuller.

  • Jack Ainsworth 5 years ago

    Russen Bengel

  • SamFem 5 years ago

    Regarding Tran- “I have no idea what he is doing with that poor apple”
    —LOL funny!