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WSOP 2012 E13 – Main Event Day 5 World Series of Poker 2012.
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  • difbufs 5 years ago

    31:50 I bet Norman’s favourite hand is pocket aces suited.

  • JKT84 5 years ago

    Ohhhhh Klevitz, what the hell were you thinking????

  • Henry Verseti 5 years ago

    Yes dumb, but I sure would love to see a flop first with KK, if I see no
    ace I know Im good

  • andrexh 5 years ago

    Henry Tran..damn 37:20

  • Bajs fitta 5 years ago

    Tom Hanks got slow rolled 19:46

  • Henry Verseti 5 years ago

    Whats your fineass doin here

  • Betterberry 5 years ago

    eh ehh clik clik je jehh

  • 26:40 he got no trips

  • mbelma6329 5 years ago

    5 bet and you shove? Just dumb

  • Robert "Spade" Jackson 5 years ago

    Maybe he really doesn’t know any better?

  • Emiel666Emiel 5 years ago

    2006 = donk won wsop 2007 = donk won wsop 2008 = semi pro won wsop 2009 =
    donk won wsop 2010 = not sure where to put him 2011 = semi pro won wsop
    2012 = pro won wsop :)

  • MrSphongled 5 years ago

    Salaburu is the biggest dickface

  • Kyrgyzstan Osh 5 years ago

    poker zor oyin

  • Gintautas Simkus 5 years ago

    better provoke him to punch u first; easy on those rednecks from the south

  • trebor229 5 years ago

    Phil Ivey imitation @ 1:20

  • HSimon1981 5 years ago

    22:38 a 3 of clubs, diamonds or hearts will chop the pot. I think Saeed has
    9 outs if I am not mistaken.

  • deckchairgrizzlybear 5 years ago

    Juanda did not have trips..

  • Sairy Bear 5 years ago

    monster hands

  • Gintautas Simkus 5 years ago

    it just sucks even for spectators who r not biased; show some fucking
    manners at the table will u, even if u served in RU army…

  • Robert "Spade" Jackson 5 years ago

    Let’s see, a pro goes all in for 1,638,000 with A-3 suited against K-K?????
    That’s real hard to believe if you don’t see it on you tube, LOL.

  • Matthew Tsinontas 5 years ago

    I cant believe Sylvia came 2nd after that A3 against KK. Terrible play.

  • Robert "Spade" Jackson 5 years ago

    (cont. from previous post) in the WSOP that’s a possibility but the only
    way I would do it is if I had a good year in the smaller tournaments in my
    area and lets say about WSOP time I’m about $60,000 ahead or something like
    that. I figure to pay about $20,000 of that amount in taxes at the end of
    the year so on that basis I would buy in to the WSOP figuring if I lost
    $10,000 that brings my taxable income down to $50,000 and it’s better that
    the poker (cont. last post)

  • B Positive 5 years ago

    youtube please my account has been hacked, do something please

  • Michael Smolik 5 years ago

    So why would you do it, right? By the way, I looked at your channel and saw
    some poker instruction videos – do you aspire to play at WSOP someday or is
    it just too much of a buy-in to afford? I personally wouldn’t go play there
    even if I had the money, because I’m not really confident in my playing and
    I would bust almost immediately. But it’s definitely a dream for one day

  • Reece Elcham 5 years ago

    calls an all in pre-flop with a Q,3 Suited ? Am I missing something ??