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WSOP 2012 E18 – Main Event Day 6 World Series of Poker 2012.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  • Miss Copas 5 years ago

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  • Gavir Gopal 5 years ago

    yeah but it still shows the hand as they fold

  • JKT84 5 years ago

    Somerville: Live by the suck out, die by the suck out.

  • DrugStabbingTime 5 years ago

    Have they ever done the Wild Card Hand and then the player folds it?

  • helena dealis 5 years ago

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  • snakerman2612 5 years ago

    bauman looks like the french woman from inglourious basterds

  • alive2k7 5 years ago

    Galfond is ‘hot” (and im not gay) because he is a nice and smart guy.
    Selbst isn’t :)

  • Phil Toogood 5 years ago

    Baumann ain’t even hot, bru. She can film.

  • jibsgigs 5 years ago

    …but when you’ve got that “less than” (<) sign next to your percentage, you should go away.

  • Phil Toogood 5 years ago

    Best in the world imo.

  • MrEC324 5 years ago

    For every good strategy, there was a bad one!

  • 0zzy83 5 years ago

    Lol 666 for the german nice win Holden

  • David Brent 5 years ago

    ace on de wivver

  • freedraco 5 years ago

    very nice bluffs episode,

  • R088O 5 years ago

    I would pass on that for a onesome with Shana Hiatt

  • alive2k7 5 years ago

    Who ? Hille or Baumann ? I really doubt that since Baumann dates an other
    pro player, a male obv (im french and they re both known). As for Hille,
    ive heard during the WSOP that she said that her BF stacked her for the ME
    after winning something like 15-25k on a 1,5k event

  • Djole Plante 5 years ago

    Vanessa Selbst is a women ?

  • Tim H 5 years ago

    from what I understand only 27 people remain… does anyone know when they
    will air the rest of day 6 and day 7?

  • madafakkaa 5 years ago

    selbst is woman ?

  • kenlab77 5 years ago

    very creepy moment in poker…

  • Nozz3r91 5 years ago

    Hellman is a sicko

  • Eitan Volsky 5 years ago

    He sounds like Gollum…

  • Eichel Käse 5 years ago

    yeah vanessa selbst mhm so hot mjam mjam

  • 346ls6camd 5 years ago

    E 19 ???? thanks for the videos