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WSOP 2012 E22 – Main Event Day 7 World Series of Poker 2012.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  • David Ioseliani 5 years ago

    ye hit me up 😉

  • JKT84 5 years ago

    I’ve got a plan. Let’s round up all the poker pros and they can each donate
    $10,000 to cancer research for an opportunity to punch Salaburu in the
    face. Cancer solved.

  • gunnervine 5 years ago

    He’s such a cunt. High pitch whiny voice piercing your brain with his
    shitty puns and dad jokes while offering less than nothing by way of
    insight. Makes ESPN poker pretty much unwatchable unless it’s muted.

  • Ronnie Christie 5 years ago

    open shove 18-19 bb from utg+1 still not profitable

  • Kyle Black 5 years ago


  • Edgar Flores 5 years ago


  • Jhonder Paredes 5 years ago

    Elizabeth Hille is so cute! :$

  • DirtySouth2DirtyJerz 5 years ago

    Obviously, you wouldn’t make that sort of promise in the first place,
    therefore you could still play for 1st.

  • weejimbo07 5 years ago

    no man, we thank you!,ignore the haters, thank you for all you’ve done

  • Hans Maier 5 years ago

    Sorry man I can´t know everything:-). Do you know when the encoder is done?

  • aur3ll4 5 years ago

    pfft im i watching some random daily freeroll ? its always bet – raise –
    all in preflop… the biggest bunch of no skill ever

  • Kelly Gardiner 5 years ago

    could all you douchbags calling each other names go circle jerk somewhere

  • Guile1989 5 years ago

    If they’re half as lucky as this douche they won’t need God at all

  • Misterbillll 5 years ago

    Elizabeth Hille is gorgeous and a badass poker player!

  • MrSleepyness 5 years ago

    I love you thaakillah <3

  • Ronnie Christie 5 years ago

    abrams solid….unlucky

  • Sev3r333 5 years ago

    Dude, Jerry Yang and Jamie Gold WON the Main Event. They are terrible. Your
    argument is more terrible.

  • Ronnie Christie 5 years ago

    now harig with the 25 blind open shove with 6-6? wtf is with these plays
    where the big jumps in money are

  • Bobby Dillon 5 years ago

    lol everyone does. The guy just comes off as a tool…

  • John Carney 5 years ago

    All in for 13 million with pocket threes, these punks suck.

  • twink3h 5 years ago

    Oh dear..

  • Galvok 5 years ago

    it was a month ago, and he said right now -.-

  • RDCOfficiel 5 years ago

    9:00 66 VS QQ : “Please, i only have one out, make it appear at the river

  • jaras khairat 5 years ago

    its not Hille is outplaying Merson she’s just catching cards and Merson is
    running good.

  • Michael Roberts 5 years ago

    …Looking good!