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WSOP 2012 E23 – Main Event Day 7 World Series of Poker 2012.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  • Kina Pomarico 5 years ago

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  • rick baladeras 5 years ago

    @21:00 flopped the nuts and he checked raised … bad move!! Ive played
    poker for 15 years and ive flopped a straight-flush once… turned and
    river’d it a few times sure….

  • HOVNO5000 5 years ago

    Salaburu might be under influence but his moves are working the way he
    needs (I am not saying the way he wants as I am not sure he knows)

  • BrocietyBanter 5 years ago

    Juanda had treeps.

  • McMambo 5 years ago

    he played really well afterwards though

  • ROYALPOKERAU 5 years ago

    I understand few minutes of trash talking here and there but he is just a
    24/7 crap action. Calling people names, provoking ,irritating, being so
    ignorant and arrogant about many things is just over the top.

  • John Carney 5 years ago

    he bets with a straight flush like a fish stupid

  • Sebastian Jørgensen 5 years ago

    Why would you be sure you could win at least 200 big blinds? And isn’t your
    hand dead if you say what you have?

  • misteryo so 5 years ago

    I want to see Salaburu against Hevad Khan hehe

  • SocrTrump 5 years ago

    He said: “Best… best thing that coulda happened: The f@#$in idiot gets
    all the chips.”

  • R088O 5 years ago

    I’ve seen some bad poker, that had to be the worst.

  • CUCKOO9999 5 years ago

    da fuck was that raise Hirig ….

  • sopowl 5 years ago

    What did Salaburu say exactly ?

  • Ded Potamski 5 years ago

    Комментаторы жгут , а так ничего .

  • tarbosh917 5 years ago

    Yeah, holy cow that was dumb. When you flop the stone cold nuts and people
    are betting into you, you just call them down. This was just a novice
    play/line of thinking of “I have a big hand, therefore I need to win big
    money”. He left a few million out there. He could let the guy bluff off to
    the river, THEN you raise him.

  • jay man 5 years ago

    any two cards at that matter.. its not like it was that open for a higher
    straight flush. pretty stupid raise.

  • xTonyTonyx 5 years ago

    donk or dick lol

  • DusanStanar70 5 years ago

    You r even bigger donk that Harig, m8. WTF r u talking about? He got a
    minimum value out of that CR, didn’t he? Maximum value with the stone cold
    nuts is gained on later streets, bro! Somebody has to improve their hand so
    they pay u off on the turn or river, u silly fish! CR with a small flush is
    fine, with the set as well, but with SF??? WTF???

  • Jack Ainsworth 5 years ago

    Erich plays ssooooo crapy

  • TheManghead 5 years ago

    when will we get to see the final table…?

  • ROYALPOKERAU 5 years ago

    Salaburu and his Arrogant and disrespectful comments after Gee won that Pot
    vs TT vs AK. What a Donk

  • DusanStanar70 5 years ago

    that flop check-raise with SF by the German is the worst move I’ve ever

  • StepoverSteve 5 years ago

    I wonder if he didn’t show his straight flush because he was so embarrassed
    about how badly he’d played it

  • M1U7Z5 5 years ago

    Damn him! he could have had a James Bond hand!

  • Lur Tor 5 years ago

    At this stage of the Main Event there is something to be said for raising
    right away, being this close to the final table players tend to pot control
    a lot more often so being aggressive with a monster becomes more beneficial.