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  • MarcusCism 4 years ago

    “What happened on the turn?” “He bet, I called… figured he was drawing,
    pretty dead.”

    OK, so you had it right; he was drawing near dead. This is the main event,
    $10K buy-in; he was drawing near dead and then leads at you. HOW MANY

    What is the purpose of raising, Daniel? How often do big hand v. big hand
    confrontations come up, and how often does a set win those? Do good
    players like Ruggeri donk it off to someone who’s holding good cards?

  • Derek D 4 years ago

    I’ve been caught with this same type of scenario myself. The truth is any
    good player knows that this is the risk you take with the slow play. You
    have to mind the cards and be prepared to throw it away if a possible hand
    comes up. The straight was there and with heavy betting alarms bells should
    have been ringing. 

  • Chulho Hong 4 years ago

    lol @ derek D get outta here, you’re calling in this spot everytime… and
    you’ll play it the exact same way next time too

  • Rob B 4 years ago

    How often do we get 2 7?? I see it frequently. The chance of getting Q 10
    is equivalent.
    Q 10 is not highly unlikely with this many players and it’s one the hands
    that would not likely get thrown away by the Big Blind after Daniel’s
    preflop raise.
    Daniel played well, until he raised on River instead of just calling. 

  • john smith 4 years ago

    This was a tough one to lay down. That’s the problem with slow playing aces
    and trips slow — you allow the other played to catch up and destroy you on
    the river. I personally don’t like slow playing trips. Too many times they
    get busted out. This board looked safe. Daniel just got unlucky. He had to
    call that bet. That’s poker.

  • flip92 4 years ago

    i just dont get it.. if you don’t bet your hands how can anyone put you on
    a bluff?

  • MarcusCism 4 years ago

    The problem with raising the turn is that the pot is still very small.
    Unless Ruggeri has top pair beat, the raise doesn’t do much for Daniel.

    The problem with calling the turn is that a slow play over two streets
    requires a tremendous read on the opponent. The K was relatively innocuous,
    esp. rainbow, so I tend to agree with the call.

    I do continue to disagree with the river raise, because it works against
    such a small part of Ruggeri’s range. Given the texture and the action
    prior to the river, Ruggeri’s range is mostly nuts or air, prior to the J
    coming off. When the J does come off, how would Ruggeri play his turn nuts?

    Doesn’t the J devalue Ruggeri’s turn nut segment? Wouldn’t Ruggeri almost
    always be betting what was his air segment, after the J hit? So doesn’t
    Ruggeri, in fact, ALWAYS CHECK a mediocre hand when the J hits? Isn’t
    Ruggeri just absolutely and perfectly polarized when he leads the river?

    I don’t see how Daniel can miss that. This is another time when Daniel
    leveled himself, IMO.

  • noholecard 4 years ago

    yeah daniel takes it the hardest on hsp

  • Nolan Donahue 4 years ago

    he played it perfectly lol

  • Ctrlme17 4 years ago


  • Vitaly Pezhenkov 4 years ago

    “Italian” That is the word that said everything about him as a poker player

  • szopad 4 years ago

    people who don’t get why the operation was succesful are just too result

  • endlessmountain 4 years ago

    Daniel is obviously better than me. I would have also checked the flop
    because it was dry and i even want the 4.5% shot of him setting the turn.
    However, when he leads the turn with possible straight draws, its an easy
    3-4x turn raise.

  • TheJosko987 4 years ago

    I would love so much Daniel wins Wsop event. He deservs it really, and i
    got a feeling he is the unluckiest top player. So many hands like this in
    his career its just unreal.

  • RoyMunsoned 4 years ago


  • Ctrlme17 4 years ago

    How do you know he is the most unlucky? You probably have only seen 0.0001%
    of the hands he has played.. For all we know he could run like god away
    from the tables.

  • SwitchyRS 4 years ago

    Joke’s on you

  • Beutel2727 4 years ago

    this is why i never slowplay aces

  • RoyMunsoned 4 years ago

    he hasn’t won shit in 5 years tho

  • Dmetal23 4 years ago

    He gets paid out the ass by pokerstars which gives him this “who gives a
    fuck” attitude. source: HSP -$2million loss

  • doadex 4 years ago

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  • Murali Krishna 4 years ago

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