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WSOP 2012 – Main Event Final Table Part 1 World Series of Poker 2012 (LIVE)
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  • Oren Miller 5 years ago

    online is rigged this is poker

  • Ron Taylor 5 years ago

    I disagree, I play cash games a few times a week normally and I love seeing
    the cards each player has. I like learning their style and trying to figure
    out what they’re thinking. With this, I just have to wait and see. I took
    out a deck of cards on my own so I could pretend like I was playing with
    them just to make it more interesting.

  • onlyweatherlol93 5 years ago


  • onlyweatherlol93 5 years ago

    That overbet in the river was confusing by merson… I understand why
    Antonio didn’t like salaburu flatting, but I guess it’s ok. If he gets
    reraised it’s just horrible

  • Albert Amadeo 5 years ago

    I loved that “Gooby PLS” at the crowd

  • Daniel Guzman 5 years ago

    Online play vs real table play which is best?

  • Unflushablepiss 5 years ago

    is anyone tapping kara scott?

  • Mik S.V 5 years ago

    the commentator was like 10 … oh fuck 10 … 9, uff

  • onlyweatherlol93 5 years ago

    Poor play by gee. He is representing a range far too narrow, and not very
    creditable. There’s not many hands Thomas can call a turn barrel with, I’d
    just check fold or hope it checks through. If he has 66 here he’s terrible,
    just terrible. He only folds out air on the river, hence same on the turn
    so check folding seems ok there too

  • onlyweatherlol93 5 years ago

    1:04:40 checking back is kinda ok. Double barreling puts his hand face up
    or narrowed down to an overpair, hence an opponent can play perfectly
    against salaburu. It’s an ok line, he did induce a bluff in the end and
    snap called as expected. Hard to get 3 streets there, but his line
    accomplishes 2 streets more often than bet flop bet turn where you’re
    folding out a no. Of hands

  • ThePomahnitali 5 years ago


  • jesus christ will they shut up for a sec and why wont they show the
    holecards????theres so much farking noise going on in the goddam video who
    produced this shyt?

  • Kyle Footer 5 years ago

    The commentator is almost never right..

  • BaKeDCrAcKer 5 years ago


  • Matt McGuire 5 years ago

    What a call with QQ … wow didn’t think Thomas had it in him

  • Bumdog Torres 5 years ago

    Man I’ve been watching for the last four hours, and now that it’s the
    championship I don’t wanna watch because the drama is seeing the cards!

  • HaRaKiRix33 5 years ago

    lol that countdown at start is shit stop that

  • flamingduck650 5 years ago

    Go gee but f*** the raiders

  • Rodrigo González 5 years ago

    Merson is rich and yet he can’t pay for a surgery on his teeth.

  • Peter Lustig 5 years ago

    plz explain

  • mastah nigglet 5 years ago

    19:50 GOOBY PLS

  • Zeromaker93 5 years ago

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  • JaCody Smith 5 years ago

    Id love too. When a player limps in ep, then puts in 3bets and 4bets, it is
    a huge red flag of a big hand. Nowadays ppl use this to rep a big hand.
    Limping in ep then raise. That has been a sign of a big hand for a long
    time now. Think about, wat other hands would someone make this play with?

  • cgasucks 5 years ago

    I love to see it back in the States too but I don’t think its gonna happen
    for awhile…

  • lucifffer666 5 years ago

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