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WSOP 2012 – Main Event Final Table Part 2 World Series of Poker 2012 (LIVE)
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  • Wolfgang Zerobliss 5 years ago

    To all the geniuses not understanding why Sylvia jams Q5 off:
    Salaburu only calls with only about 13-15% of his range, all the other
    hands he gives him a free blind plus antes, which is another blind. All the
    times he gets called he most of the time has around 30-40% equity. If he
    wins he solidifies his position as chip leader over the other bigstacks AND
    makes a payjump because Salaburu is out. If he doesn’t he loses a
    relatively small portion of his chips and is still very deep, not much
    changes for him. This play is completely standard and correct.

  • George Eastwood 5 years ago

    How is Sylvia so lucky?!?!?!? Always on the river!

  • onlyweatherlol93 5 years ago

    1:13:55 and hes jamming Q5s because… Just awful. He just jammed pretty
    much for the sake of it, basically donating 8 million to salaburu.
    Obviously hits the river like he always need to, nothing new

  • JasonV12 5 years ago

    12:30 ish “I once dated an actuary, frankly the conversations were pretty
    dry” Antonio: “was it her or you?” hahaha

  • Thekahn45 5 years ago

    You’re awesome.

  • SimpleFire100 5 years ago

    yep, hes a luckbox, beofre the FT he had several all ins behind going his
    favor. like that hungerian, had 2 or 3 ak vs ak all ins where he wins by
    flush. but you need some luck to get this far.

  • John Carney 5 years ago

    It is just the luckiest of the maniac punks that wins now. These ugly punks
    ruined poker.

  • Jack Liu 5 years ago

    Wow what a lucksack. Terrible play. Im not sure the entire action of the
    hand but they didn’t show it. I assume Salaburu did a standard raise of
    800k-1M, and was folded to Silvia. Even if he was a shortstack there’s no
    way you push him all-in with garbage like Q5.

  • dereksbooks 5 years ago

    His coach must have been Cada, not Selbst.

  • TedLannister 5 years ago

    Yeah I just watched that video. If I was the chick who was cheated out of
    his entire stack earlier in the tourney, watching the man at this final
    table would have been too much to bear.

  • yannickc1989 5 years ago

    How bad? How about a truck going 70mph hitting you head on?

  • StoneyDane420 5 years ago

    Michael Espesito – 1:49:30-1:50:30 ALMOST 20 Uknow?s in one minute!

  • Sailboatsx 5 years ago

    Sylvia is one lucky guy

  • GWEINFURTNER 5 years ago

    Not gonna lie, Ive seen more aces on the river than anything else, jus

  • Hijodeganas1 5 years ago


  • speebyda 5 years ago

    I’ve seen sports interviewers do the same. Sometimes it is just impossible
    to correctly treat the interviewee when something happens on the field (or
    on this case the felt).

  • Jimi Hendrix 5 years ago

    They talk a lot about these players playing online, yet most are US
    players. How are they playing online?

  • SolemnHiddenCove 5 years ago

    Kara truly sucks as an interviewer, she’s obvious being told via her
    earpiece that they must move on but just cutting off and ignoring the
    interviewee, especially given the situation they’re in (just busted), man
    she sucks

  • ShrewdGamingHD 5 years ago

    1:49:13 How often does he say “you know”?

  • Bas van den Brink 5 years ago


  • mikeeyooo 5 years ago

    so dumbcunt

  • Zack HS 5 years ago

    Espesito is a fish… complete disregard for how many BB he has befor he
    enter the pot!!

  • minitari 5 years ago

    they either used to play online and recently moved to live or they do it in

  • zoiks81 5 years ago

    Gutted… Wanted to see More from Rob. :(. Next year hopefully!

  • OriginalMindTrick 5 years ago

    Michael Esposito is one creepy looking dude. He have a serial killer face
    suited to playing Ed Gein in a movie.