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WSOP 2013 E16 – Main Event Day 6 World Series of Poker 2013.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  • shoes4ukelly 5 years ago

    what an ass to say, ” Make them eat s**t”. What a jerk.

  • Amber Fauble 5 years ago

    great episode

  • Barba Mamma 5 years ago

    impressivedonk from brasil bruno kawauti

  • Chung Easterbrooks 5 years ago

    Great online video. Do you know usually when you use the marketingcode
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    as much as $600?

  • Gan Liang 5 years ago

    bacasuse tran play poker win too much

  • MrPilotans 5 years ago

    JC Tran is eating too much 😛

  • asdds dasadsdas 5 years ago

    the board Paired, so he could already be drawing dead. Also 9 is hardly a
    good flush, if the next card was a heart then he would certainly feel he
    was dead

  • amir syeed 5 years ago

    Hahaha how can u fold the 98 flush??? Wtf

  • peacock427 5 years ago

    very nice call 40:02

  • Kevin Krenger 5 years ago

    but you was right you was ahead.

  • Manuel De La Fuente 5 years ago


  • Roberio Cordeiro 5 years ago

    Kawauti?? wtf was that????

  • Jack Ainsworth 5 years ago

    they have not shown much from Morgenstern…its not an efficient coverage
    just few players and tables

  • francis1971 5 years ago

    At 34:49 Gutted!

  • benjaminandrew123 5 years ago

    love jc tran!!

  • robocop124 5 years ago

    stop stealing thakillah’s viewers he paid hes dues I’ll wait for his videos

  • gurveer Singh 5 years ago

    I got pizza and coffee loooool

  • xavier doucet 5 years ago

    Ahh dég’ pour toi, bien joué en tous cas!

  • MWcrazyhorse 5 years ago

    Always curious to see the main event start with 85% U.S americans and end
    with an internationaly mixed field.

  • MWcrazyhorse 5 years ago

    12:55 Very surpised to see the frenchmen call there with the 2nd nuts…..

  • PokerMania 5 years ago

    episode 17 on my channel !

  • pmfg11 5 years ago

    With Bill Gates’ money you could eat many many more

  • doggieGZ 5 years ago

    I’m more jealous of cookie monster. Look at all those cookies he always
    gets to eat…

  • Neil Raouf 5 years ago

    Go Argentina!

  • stefan smith 5 years ago

    Well played. Really good analysis and good call. Congrats for ur main event
    result anyways =P