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WSOP 2013 E19 – Main Event Day 7 World Series of Poker 2013.

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  • jake hensley 5 years ago

    hahaha “with that board it should say 105 percent” had me rolling lol

  • Rafael Luís da Silva 5 years ago

    You guys call the brazilians obnoxious, but Andre Akkari (the guy in the
    crowd with a baldhead) is one of the most humble monsters in the world of

  • noholecard 5 years ago

    sick call 24:55

  • Vlad Alexandrovich 5 years ago

    Boy how I’d love to be in Loosli’s shoes on day 7 of wsop main event… wow

  • Vlad Alexandrovich 5 years ago

    thank gawd obnoxious Brazilian rail is gone

  • Vlad Alexandrovich 5 years ago

    Too bad for Mortensen … it’s just rarely a good idea to bluff top stack
    in a tournament

  • Vlad Alexandrovich 5 years ago

    Props to JC but it’s not such a super tough call to make the way the hand
    played out. I made similar calls, although in much much much cheaper and
    less significant tournaments. The overbet and his overconfidence would
    raise major flags. 

  • bestever1313 5 years ago

    lol at the guy in the background at 27:56. he’s obv railing carlos
    “yes!!” clap clap clap. snap call, shows ten high

  • DrSlizzard 5 years ago

    So Salty that I saw farbers face in the final table videos.. ruins these
    for me

  • Troy Nguyen 5 years ago

    the boss of choking (finished 5th)

  • Mabc Habc 5 years ago

    Every year there is a luckbox that makes the final table, guess this year
    its Porter…

  • Mabc Habc 5 years ago

    how many times can you get it all in as an 80% dog????

  • secretbonus 5 years ago

    Kawauti should fold AQ if he is going to fold a flush on paired board to a
    small bet.

  • rasseitsu 5 years ago

    Lol “lives with elky” means they share the same bed maybe

  • Mike A. 5 years ago

    THANK YOU PORTER!! So glad the Brazilian is gone. Obnoxious support group.

  • Maximiliano Marisio 5 years ago

    fabian ortiz argentino pajero

  • ThePedotote 5 years ago

    JC beast

  • David Liu 5 years ago

    Loosely live with elky, train together

  • perplexed76 5 years ago

    what does “lives in london with Grospellier” mean?

  • onlyfearofdeath 5 years ago

    loosli is so fuckin lucky too.. i’m not saying that he’s a bad player.. but
    he’s in this stage with this big stack because of his lucky.. everything
    working for him.. unbelievable.. mortensen trying to bluff.. a set on the
    river.. when he has aces the short stack shoves.. too much luck

  • onlyfearofdeath 5 years ago

    omfg.. we know that poker has some porcentage of luck.. but porter reaching
    this stage is so fuckin ridiculous.. taking out a lot of good players.. and
    playing very bad.. a bunch of wrong decisions.. fuckin fat guy

  • Nor Norranun 5 years ago

    newhouse, gay

  • Nor Norranun 5 years ago

    Porter = Big Fat Ass One Lucky Bastard!

  • Tadeu Lopes 5 years ago

    you are annoying me, fuck you sir