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WSOP 2013 E20 -  Main Event Day 7 World Series of Poker 2013

WSOP 2013 E20 – Main Event Day 7 World Series of Poker 2013.
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  • Jeremy Henderson 5 years ago


  • fightomo 5 years ago

    ☻/ This is Bob. Copy and paste him
    /▌ all over youtube
    / so he can take over
    and return the old comment section

  • nurunnahar shati 5 years ago

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  • Sergey PR 5 years ago

    Final Table in my channel

  • Louise Stastny 5 years ago

    I love Phil Helmuth xxo

  • TwoCam Sam 5 years ago

    I love poker…

  • Do More 5 years ago

    It is 7 I know it omg

  • Vlad Alexandrovich 5 years ago

    I’m only rooting for players who don’t have obnoxious rails like the Reiss
    dude.. gawd people could be annoying

  • Gan Liang 5 years ago

    idiot loosli why call the Q<4 T_T

  • Stagger Lee 5 years ago

    where is the final table episode???

  • alliwanttosay11 5 years ago

    20:29 – Disappointed Leo Tolstoy

  • Gan Liang 5 years ago

    ryan riess! wsop 2013 champion

  • gOdl1KE1337 5 years ago


    So deservered that JC Tran finally makes it, hope he goes top 3 @ final
    table (dont know results yet)

  • RupaG4 5 years ago

    that hand of brummelhuis…. soooo nice ! so lucky hahaha

  • seviren s 5 years ago

    Porter would have made way more money just gambling his 10k. 19-1 twice and
    4-1 at least three times. Its so gross that a donk can make it so deep.

  • bnchipocludo 5 years ago

    The next episode please T.T

  • secretbonus 5 years ago

    Carlos Mortensen is still the man when it comes to tournaments

  • Ulfric ArrowKnee 5 years ago

    Still think that final table 3 months later is stupid and bad for the
    dynamic :/

  • Jaymoss520 5 years ago

    Thanks for spoiler

  • Dana Ayers 5 years ago

    Everyone, join quarterpoker!

  • Shomoni 5 years ago

    anyone have a link to highlights of the final table?

  • Genexon Osin 5 years ago

    no upload on the final table live stream?

  • steevenpatricia 5 years ago

    People are stupid sometimes, it’s not our fault. Let him go, someday he
    will MAYBE get some “intelligence”

  • steevenpatricia 5 years ago

    Riess 1st, Farber 2nd, Lehavot 3rd, Loosli 4th, Tran 5th, McLaughlin 6th,
    Brummelhuis 7th, Benefield 8th, NewHouse 9th. For your information, Final
    Table aired November 4th.

  • steevenpatricia 5 years ago

    AHAH you should verify what you are saying before call other people scum
    bag. AHAH you fool