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WSOP 2013 E3 Part 1/4 -  Main Event Day 3 World Series of Poker 2013

WSOP 2013 E3 Part 1/4 – Main Event Day 3 World Series of Poker 2013.

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  • AlcaldeEste 3 years ago

    There are people who are way more annoying at the table than this
    Australian guy: People who talk directly to you the entire time, or about
    you or about your cards, or ask you questions to try to get a reaction.
    I’ll take a guy who talks about himself and builds a spaceship out of chips
    over that any day.

  • trovid1 3 years ago

    yes thank you for uploading :) but the sound is low

  • Fletcher B 3 years ago

    go oliver gill

  • postflopper 3 years ago

    dam ivey looks jacked

  • postflopper 3 years ago

    jesus christ i’ll deck that aussie son a bitch

  • That Australian guy is ridiculously annoying

  • JDLupus 3 years ago

    Thank you, Thaakillah :)

  • Harald Pabisch 3 years ago

    Sound could be a a little bit louder, but thanks for the upload <3

  • MrPilotans 3 years ago

    glad to see Phil is still around

  • SoaringAguila 3 years ago

    Ok ill be that guy what’s the name of the song

  • SuperRussianPower 3 years ago

    fuck hellmuth uhuhuhu mad ass player

  • rootAKAflowdilla 3 years ago

    5-22 best fold on wsope 2013

  • Tam Pham 3 years ago

    wowi couldn’t sleep so i went on my desktop and found your new uploads ^_^

  • bustosoon 3 years ago

    what did that guy say at 13:46 to shut him up?

  • Fletcher B 3 years ago

    fuck you anyone who hates the aussie least he has a personality

  • Lasse Grillemeistorn 3 years ago

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