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Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  • danman274 5 years ago

    LOL why did burns just call? What a nit

  • Slade366 5 years ago

    23:10 loool Burns only calls? What, did he think Daniel had a four of a
    kind 6s?

  • George McFly 5 years ago

    Whenever I’m faced with a tough poker decision, I ask myself “what would
    Jamie Gold do?”

  • Sean Wang 5 years ago

    my instinct tells me this was rigged. too dramatic

  • Reid Butler 5 years ago

    GOOD ADVICE FROM CHAD (Believe it or not) —
    43:40 “And if you folks at home are looking for a way to improve, try this

    pretend you have a hand that beats your opponent AND PLAY IT THAT WAY.”

    Also, good action starting at —
    30:56 Negreanu vs. Yu
    39:37 Spindler vs. Burns
    41:27 Negreanu rivers a miracle against Burns

    6th place took home $146,205 AUD.

  • Josh Whiley 5 years ago

    commentators fucking retards seriously. lets have a little more
    professional chat, rather than a bullshit attempt at being 1 liner

  • Buk Lao 5 years ago

    4:08 disgusting fold

  • Tabetha Kniceley 5 years ago

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    whenever joining at P0kerStars, you get the 100% extra as much as $600?

  • Petr Havlík 5 years ago

    Negreanu blafuje že blafuje 😀

  • CorporateSmitty 5 years ago

    Lol @yabbaguy I was thinking the same thing

  • Avi Gurfinkel 5 years ago

    I think burns shoulda won

  • Avi Gurfinkel 5 years ago

    does the casino shuffle the cards so that every round is interesting cuz

  • Ganang Surya 5 years ago

    lol, it’s very awesome

  • Ricardo Morgado 5 years ago

    37:30 troll face

  • Paulo Rhizokeel 5 years ago

    AJ lol! AJ is chop

  • Crabman94 5 years ago

    burns is such a douche

  • phdtobe 5 years ago

    Burns hit his card on the river and check/folds versus Negreanu??? He
    should have either raised or folded on the turn. Again. Bad play.

  • Alex Freeman 5 years ago

    Did anyone else notice that the first two bracelet winners of the APAC both
    were wearing Washington Bullets hats?!

  • John7Karajohn 5 years ago

    kicker doesn’t play in boats…….

  • Stofke86 5 years ago

    how smart is Negreanu? Seriuosly… He’s like the einstein of poker!

  • Gaptun Thennavan 5 years ago

    I’m a very small-fry amateur but then some of these guys SUCK bigtime Do
    they even know what a raise is ? Horrible play by the guy with Aces and
    then the guy with the set of 10s What the heck are you checking for guys ??
    I play 1-2-2 and even guys at these tables dont make such elementary

  • TNABEST 5 years ago

    Nope… Daniel would call any day, nothing he could of really done.

  • phdtobe 5 years ago

    So much bad play after the flop by many of the young players.

  • Ali Kerem Yurtsever 5 years ago

    Nice read from the Commentator @16:44

  • BelieveInFitness 5 years ago

    burns is a miserable fuck