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WSOP 2013 – Main Event Final Table Part 1 World Series of Poker 2013 (LIVE)
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  • Thomas L 5 years ago

    WSOP Final Table Part 1

  • Max Wicked 5 years ago

    I dont know much about these championships. but can one of them just take
    their chips and walk away with their money?

  • Big Rissling 5 years ago

    those 5s vs the q 10 was to sick

  • GhostInTheShell29 5 years ago

    The single funniest event I ever saw at a poker table was at 1/2 live
    casino game. This kid had never actually played poker before, he had just
    simply watched poker on television his whole life and thought he knew what
    he was doing. He was sweating calling or folding a big bet on the river in
    what was obviously a split pot, he didn’t know if his kicker was good… on
    a board that the kicker wouldn’t play. 8 people me included were forced to
    try and hold our laughter in for nearly 2 minutes while he debated calling.

  • mikensca1 5 years ago


  • James Fraser 5 years ago

    This is very fucking dumb we at home can’t see the cards.What’s the point
    having this on to watch we just here the guy’s talk.This is so dumb
    watching and you can’t see nothing.

  • Jeremy Henderson 5 years ago


  • john smith 5 years ago

    what a read by antonio at 50:15!

  • Gibraltariano 5 years ago

    I have to say this is what’s ruining live poker, every hand takes 5 – 10
    minutes, even when everyone has simple decisions. Most people would rather
    sit and play on the internet. They’ve seen other people do it and think
    that’s how they should behave, staring at people with no ability to “read”
    anything. It’s a shame. There should be a 30 second limit.

  • Ryan Stecken 5 years ago

    sometimes you sit at a table and you think you have everyone under control
    and that is the best ground to play your A game! If Ryan is really the best
    he will win many bracelets in the future!

  • Danis Lee 5 years ago

    Such a smart fold in the last hand! They are really the best guys.

  • HockeyCardReviews 5 years ago

    The production value this year is great. ESPN really nailed the intro with
    the legend Moneymaker too.. gave me some chills and nostalgia. Reminded me
    of 2003 when everyone and their brother had a poker game going on.

  • Joel Charron 5 years ago

    WHY would McLaughlin 4bet those aces on the third hand?… JC is more than
    likely 3betting him to set a strong image early in the game. Might as well
    call and let him bluff some more.. anyone have thoughts on this?

  • Newhouse is so bad and is such a retard that he doesnt even have a rail. He
    has to go and celebrate with JC’s rail

  • Jive Dadson 5 years ago

    I liked it better when spectators (“rail birds”) were promptly escorted out
    of the building if they made noises. I know. I live in the past.

  • Deklen corgan 5 years ago

    cant see hole cards anymore ???

  • Chris Gonz 5 years ago

    you might be right if you came from another counrty and if that counrty
    lets you keep you rights… i was thinking more of americans cant have
    citizenship from two countrys… Thanks for your reply i will have to
    recheck what i know looking from the inverse…

  • DiCentral VN 5 years ago

    Raise 1.2m preflop

  • CH1LDOFTHEMOON 5 years ago

    How high are the taxes on winnings, in the USA? We don`t pay tax on poker
    winning`s in the UK.

  • Robert Gutierrez 5 years ago

    This is why poker is not a sport:

  • Lukas Adamsson 5 years ago

    amazing quality at this final table, I really love poker, compare this to
    the final table 10 years ago, when moneymaker won, every single one of
    these guys except maybe brummelhuis would completely destroy the field that
    was 10 years ago, awesome, sick laydowns

  • Andre Gardner 5 years ago

    When Ryan said he,was the best player.

    Good shit, he won and poker needed that. 

  • David Govett 5 years ago

    Lon and Norm are the two best commentators on TV.
    Norm is highly intelligent with a keen wit.
    Have to say it’s no fun to watch when you don’t know their cards.

  • Gan Liang 5 years ago

    Panda toy XD