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WSOP 2013 – Main Event Final Table Part 10 World Series of Poker 2013 (LIVE)

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  • Sarah Anhäuser 5 years ago

    The finalists but mostly the gameplay shows whats Texas Hold em has
    become… Totally random…

  • Bob Roberts 5 years ago

    I JC Tran got 1 cent for everytime he said ‘you know’ he would have more
    money than God.

  • gmshadowtraders 5 years ago

    3:09-3:22 – That Farber guy has got a real death stare. What a player. 

  • Stoudamire3 5 years ago


  • TheBarbahaba 5 years ago

    reese girlfriend’s reminds me of peggy olson from mad men so much 

  • BlinzerOmega 5 years ago

    that’s so bullshit for jc wtf?

    all night long with fucking bananas and he WRECKED, lasted so long and then
    goes out being on top?

  • Kattro83 5 years ago

    Farber is Schwarzi from the Terminator… looks like a donk monkey

  • A. Rey 5 years ago

    damn this stupid farber guy has no clue how he came so far, his stupidity
    is written all over his face 

  • Jorge Alonso Mendoza Blancas 5 years ago

    where is the other part!?

  • viddrome 5 years ago

    JC Tran got screwed with crap starting hands – but in all reality he played
    really sloppy early on during the final table. He should have just held
    tight and let some of the other freaks knock each other out. He took way
    too many unnecessary stabs early on. He was too cocky with his big stack.

  • dimosadham 5 years ago

    Thx alot for uploading

  • TheChickenDead 5 years ago

    JC is a relly great player and deserved better

  • Marek King 5 years ago

    23m57′ – 5 and 6 – straight, so no 6 outs, he has more

  • saltydice5 5 years ago

    Jamie Gold would have ran over this table, hahahah jk

  • perplexed76 5 years ago

    card dead? Isildur1 …where are you? show these “best” players how to play
    some poker

  • OMGVinDiesel 5 years ago

    The biggest winners here are clearly Loosli and Lehavot… going up 1
    million doing nothing!

  • trixapete 5 years ago

    JC Tran class act, got unlucky at final table.

    Hope Reiss gets knocked out next the shaggy haired arrogant cunt