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WSOP 2013 – Main Event Final Table Part 7 World Series of Poker 2013 (LIVE)
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  • Joel Charron 5 years ago

    OMG normand chad… 12 times to notice worm has an ace of spades on his
    arm? theres a scene in the car when mike picks him up from prison where he
    shows it off.. (I want an ace of broken heart on my forearm (no love at the
    poker table)) my secret weapon ;)

  • Joel Charron 5 years ago

    1:43 Girl playing with guys bread!!!! lmao!…. bitch get off my dick..

  • Regina Ana 5 years ago

    holy shit thats one annoying crowd

  • daniel Gordon 5 years ago

    Bears Lions game in December, in Detroit? 10:11
    Um Both Bears/Lions games are done, and the one yesterday was in Chicago…

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  • msenforever 5 years ago

    Riess and Farber have been running so good the whole way! Not much
    impressive play but way too much luck involved. No offense to those two but
    they are the only 2 who’s been getting big hands!

  • Sean Cameron 5 years ago

    Loosli’s face at 28:21 was Priceless!!! LMAO!!! XD

  • Ryan Freman 5 years ago

    A7 from JC had to of come from tilt by farber pocket 6 10 mil bet.

  • David Grey 5 years ago

    why do those cunts keep chanting larry walker?

    who the fuck is that

  • Harte Dog 5 years ago

    does anyone know where there’s up to date pot limit Omaha on youtube please

  • Magnus Helmer 5 years ago

    there wasn’t much working for jc tran. i feel like he played too many hands
    especially in the beginning. he gets dealt shitty hands, thats true, but
    then he should have just waited for better cards. his table image suffered
    during this final table. still think tran is one of the best players

  • Guns Gertian Roses 5 years ago

    is not football game,silence is better…

  • JF Chen 5 years ago


  • Mohyeddin Amade Zyabary 5 years ago

    I picked up a tell on Riess, funny that the players didn’t though…
    Evrytime he is bluffing he shuffles the chips quite slowly while when he
    has the nuts he shuffles them at normal speed, pretty much easy give away
    as he doesnt care when he has got d nuts and he is more anxious/alert when
    he doesnt…..You can notice it easily when he 3-bets loosli pre with j/2
    and when he barrels flop and turn with AA against Lehavot

  • MrBrane666 5 years ago

    …if I play it like a bluff, but it’s not really a bluff, is that not
    actually a bluff…

  • ray heatz 5 years ago

    what beautys

  • Mildgreenwow 5 years ago

    Did Antonio just say, LEEROY JENKINS?!?!?! Lol, classic

  • Lostkiwi123 5 years ago

    Geez JC Tran is running so cold! Not even an ace rag suited and absolutely
    no pockets or premiums! Really is doing an amazing job surviving and
    collecting blinds

  • scbluesman13 5 years ago

    “Chess favors skilled players 99 to 1. Phil Hellmuth should play chess…”
    Love it. 

  • TrollJokuMaster 5 years ago

    Why dont they show the cards?

  • Michael D'Amato 5 years ago

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  • wtfbbqpwnin 5 years ago

    Reiss biggest toolbox ever

  • perplexed76 5 years ago

    everybody plays perfectly during final table against future champ…maybe
    because his vpip about 5%

  • CrackHeadJames 5 years ago

    WTF is the crowd chanting? “Gary Water” ??? This has got to be the most
    disrespectful pack of doucebags…