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WSOP 2014 E01 – Big One for One Drop World Series of Poker 2014.
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  • Tirrel Krow 4 years ago

    Merson did a terrible bluff giving Salomon a good price to call, and Sands
    just played terrible AK overplaying, and Ivey made an awesome fold preflop
    with that AK.

    Lesson learned, Ivey > Merson, Ivey > Sands…. Salomon > Merson

  • Richard Bishop 4 years ago

    I hate Norman Chad

  • I’m a fairly new hold em player (only been playing for about a month on
    free games, no cash games yet) and at 37:30, Saloman has a better hand, but
    does Greg not have a straight with his A-K? It looks like Saloman only has
    a pair, but I might be reading it wrong. If someone could explain, it’d be
    greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance!

  • BoobiesHooray2 4 years ago

    How the hell did Bellande con enough people to throw away a million
    dollars? He is such a below average poker player at best.

  • trixapete 4 years ago

    how in hell does Antonio call that river with Aces. unreal

  • HabsINK25th 4 years ago

    You’re a billionaire, stop raising money and just use yours! you’re the
    problem in our society.

  • B0GlES 4 years ago

    Will you be uploading the Main Event?

  • StevieSparkZ 4 years ago

    thaakillah, you are the man every year for these videos!

  • Thompson Lee 4 years ago

    when someone has chips, you couldn’t triple bluff him because he’s going to
    call you any way…
    lessons learned AK

  • WaariGaming 4 years ago

    Thank you for the upload! :)

  • bildrwic3 4 years ago

    Yes! It’s here! Thanks a bunch!

  • Doretta L Lee 4 years ago

    who is that man doing the intro?? 

  • trixapete 4 years ago

    Is there no footage available for the earlier rounds I take it? thx

  • Relish THEUnborn 4 years ago

    haxton = Harry poter

  • Etherglide 4 years ago

    Scott Seiver has to be one of the most irritating players ever in the game.
    He talks too much.

  • Lincoln OKoti 4 years ago

    Kara Scott was hot. Now… :( 

  • alan fagan 4 years ago

    all these hands played them selves well done , being in the right place at
    the right time

  • noholecard 4 years ago

    Ivey is a beast always whether he wins or not

  • Jonathan Allan 4 years ago

    Has anyone else noticed that The Big One For One Drop is an anagram of
    Honored Pro Bingo Fete?

  • kafros4ever2 4 years ago

    The rest 4666666 is the win of wsop company?

  • naughtynerdful 4 years ago

    Polk – onelove

  • lSomeRandomGuyl 4 years ago

    He’s Back!!! We love you Thaakillah!!!!!!!

  • C Galhano 4 years ago

    Thank you for the uploads, hope you keep up the uploads of the 2014 WSOP
    Im a big fan :)
    Cheers from Portugal

  • matthew nicholas 4 years ago

    phil ivey looks just like tiger woods

  • ceccavara 4 years ago

    every year again, thaakillah my channel.