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WSOP 2014 E04 - Big One for One Drop World Series of Poker 2014

WSOP 2014 E04 – Big One for One Drop World Series of Poker 2014.


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  • trixapete 4 years ago

    colman sounds like a cunt

  • Heath Deal 4 years ago

    Hey wanted to say I really enjoy your channel. I watched a lot of uploads
    last year and I am glad to see you again. 

  • lisa mordecai 4 years ago

    esfandiari likes to talk when chip leader goes in sulks when not

  • Go Bogies Go 4 years ago

    21:20… Even the dealer cringed! lol

  • den525 4 years ago

    Antonio played pretty bad, A9? A5? 

  • ReginaY 4 years ago

    thank you for uploading. When is the next one?

  • Maciej mackal 4 years ago

    Bad game Esfandiari.Big tilt.

  • ICreatedU1 4 years ago

    Esfandiari is disgusting walking around like that barefoot…

  • Albert Einstein 4 years ago

    will he upload the wsop2014 final table main event?

  • Prince Michael 4 years ago

    Daniel Negreanu I love You You are the Best PokerMan

  • gr0ck 4 years ago

    When is the next one?

  • Nitish Sharma 4 years ago

    episode 5?

  • John Ting 4 years ago

    I don’t care what anyone says. Colman has BALLS in this episode. No fear in
    a milly dollar tournament

  • Thimmet 4 years ago

    Thanks for the uploads of WSOP! The times these episodes come online are
    weird, they have to come from YesTV releases right? Random times it feels.

  • Sera S 4 years ago

    Daniel Negreanu is too much of a calling station in these tournaments. It’s
    like he just can’t help himself at all. He calls when he knows he’s beat.
    He let’s the degenerate in him get the best of him too often.

  • Archibald LapDoggy 4 years ago

    Antonio caught his 5 on the river! Lol

  • MrStevie57 4 years ago

    Pretty clear if you are to win you need luck on your side

  • SaaS Loling 4 years ago

    I swear this phil galfond is a fucking donkey lol .. from 10m chips to 0 in
    3 hands? Stupidly really .. what a waste of 1mil $ lol , i would play him
    in cash games anytime lololol .. 

  • Jules Wilson 4 years ago

    esfandiari is a good player; just went on tilt here and it cost him
    $1million! he made a good call against Galfond at the start, just got
    unlucky, and was on the wrong end of some good moves by colman, went on
    tilt and made two bad decisions.

  • John Carney 4 years ago

    Never saw any more aggressive table…too aggressive..almost just to the
    point of stupid.

  • Arty Lee 4 years ago

    Colman was a boss in this episode.

  • Jimjam Chapman 4 years ago

    Why did Newey and Negreanu swap tables? New to the Big One

  • John Carney 4 years ago

    You have to laugh at the young guns who go allin for 12 million with AJ

  • Eduardo Juliá 4 years ago

    Esfandiari is such a bad player, he cant win without cards. Worst “pro”